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“What is a demotivator and what it is eaten with?“ or “Demotivating in Russian“. For a start we will sort

in more detail what is a demotivator?

Soon after emergence in a network of motivator (Motivator is the picture inspiring on something motivating on any action, or on some change.) appeared opposite by definition of Demotivatora , in abbreviated form on a network slang - “that“. Demotivatora (demotivatsionny posters, pictures) is the image (most often having comic, satirical character, but is not obligatory) consisting of the picture (photo) in a frame (usually black) and below the inscription commenting on it, made on a certain format. That is “ Demotivator is an absolute semantic antithesis of a motivator!

“Dyoma“ become Today enough - are popular in the Internet network, and this popularity continues to grow and gain steam. For June, 2010. The inquiry of “Demotivatora“ in statistics of Yandex repeats 534 748 times. Jokes, caricatures and other “tricks“ successfully force out “pictures within“, so fallen in love the Internet - to users and not only!

All of us know that our Russian humour the most ruthless, is natural on this subject the huge number of demotivator was created and on which according to resources these demotivator publish!

In Russia meets a lot of the ridiculous, demotivating situations, and many fans will not miss an opportunity to imprint it on the camera, the camera, phone then to share these shots with the friends and acquaintances. And here is how time a demotivator is the most excellent way. We take the picture, we add an inscription, the comment or some phrase for full effect and here, object for contemplation, laughter and discussion it is ready.

Format of demotivator: Demotivator is formed by

on quite strict format. Practically always it represents a poster of black color on which the following elements are placed:

* The image in a frame illustrating a demotivator .

* the Slogan printed with a large print with notches (Times New Roman).

* the comment, the explanation or the quote explaining an essence Printed more in small print is more detailed (this part sometimes is absent that, by rules is wrong).

I have ridiculous, demotivating photos, I want to publish them in the form of a demotivator too how to me to make it?

Not each of us owns graphic editors and not all have these programs on the personal computer.

does not need to invent the bicycle!!!

Is the ready decision!

In a network is special services for creation of “dem“, to find which it is possible! You just load the image from the computer or a hosting, add an inscription (heading, the phrase) and receive a ready demotivator , and the reference with the address to it! In the same place on these resources you can publish the “that“ (almost all have the present possibility) and to invite to this website of your friends and acquaintances to look, laugh and comment on yours “that“.

If in your life often happen, so to speak the demotivating situations which cause laughter, then always take with yourself a camera or phone and do not miss an opportunity all this to imprint, and in the subsequent to create a demotivator and to publish on the Internet.

Remember! The laughter prolongs life!