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How to buy giving or a lodge in the village? I will At once tell several councils from the realtor of

about the main thing - if you decided to buy country real estate soon, it is better to make it this summer, in the fall. Now the prices reached the lowest point.

It is possible to acquire real estate:

- by means of real estate agencies (these charlatans, realtors - murderers, these … well, so on the TV many channels about us are told …);

- absolutely independently .

Both ways are subject to criticism, both are as reliable as both are imperfect.

But as among readers there will hardly be many my colleagues, and nobody is going to applaud me for advertizing of a hard work of the agent, I will meet the majority and I will prompt that I know itself to help you to go on the second way with the minimum losses of money, time and nervous cages.

So, dear reader - the buyer if you decided to get any piece of the nature independently, remember my councils and - good luck!

With what to begin and how it is beautiful to finish?

Give to

advertizing to the local newspaper: “I will buy a lodge in the village not further 50 (100, 200 …) to km of of N - ska is inexpensive. I ask not to disturb intermediaries“. And quietly wait for a call.

It is possible also for on villages to do a bit of traveling in search of a site with the house, but believe, here is much “but“: both expenses on gasoline, and unpreparedness of potential sellers, and many other things. Leave phone usual - expensively to call villagers on mobile.

It is possible, of course, and to post online , but hardly grannies stick out of the remote place at the nights at real estate forums. They read newspapers in the old manner.

Accurately specify remoteness from the city that did not offer you the neighboring state.

The word is “inexpensive“ at once will help to bring down a peg the seller - the dreamer and, thereby, will reduce the price.

Intermediaries and official agents “will fall off“ not to disturb after a request - they will just take you for the agent.

Well, here - you were called and offered a lodge. Ur, it is also possible to go to viewing!

Here it is only not necessary to learn the address at once and to ask for leave urgently from work. Talk quietly and sadly as if to you such cheap lodges already of pieces three hundred napredlagat. Do not tell “Wow!“, if the price seemed ridiculous to impropriety. But also “do not go too far“, be most polite.

Show the interest, having asked a set of questions in fact of object to the seller . Half an hour is better to speak by phone, than to pass forty liters of gasoline and to look at the thrown shed on the bank of a duck bog! Learn


How many hundred parts of the earth are applied to the house; in what form of ownership there is this earth.

What infrastructure: transport, gas, water, how many kilometers to the river, the lake as close there is a wood whether arable lands are located behind a fence at once (there will be a lot of dust, noise of equipment in the mornings) whether there is a garden, a bath, a shed, a summer kitchen, etc. Where there is a well whether there are in the house water and the sewerage.

Year of construction of the house; material of walls and a roof whether a strong floor on corners and along walls (if not strong, fails, began to rot - in the house, most likely, a fungus); whether there is under the house a cellar whether it is dry in it; how long changed windows and other, other.

How long in the house do not live (if more than 2 - 3 years, it is not good); if live, then who and in what quantity is registered.

to Whom possessed the house earlier; whether someone died a violent death in this house; if the seller has a spouse / spouse, real or former, and the house was got in marriage whether there is a notarized consent to sale; whether there are no written-out minors or persons which are at present in places of confinement; too ask other tricks which you will think up.

If the potential seller did not hang up yet, and the lodge is already pleasant to you, agree about a meeting in convenient for it time and urgently leave!

Yes! Also take with yourself money. And suddenly you will arrive and will gasp - such heavenly spot! Only surely ask the seller to a meeting already to hold both originals, and copies of passports, the registration certificate on the house, the land act at least. The house will be pleasant - immediately give advance payment under the debenture, independently made contract of intent. Yes under anything if only not to miss the house!

Well, also go already to the notary. Also do not forget to invite to housewarming, agreed?