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The test - the drive of Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai - the compact crossover, it is Nissan Dualis in Japan and Australia. Nissan Qashqai began to be on sale in 2007 and replaced with itself the small Nissan Mistral SUV known as Terrano II. The crossover is made at nissanovsky plant in Sunderland since December, 2006. By the end of 2007 nearly 100 000 cars from which 15 376 got to buyers in Russia were sold.

The car as if is specially created for movement in city conditions, providing to the owner a full freedom of action in various situations. The Japanese engineers not for nothing enclosed all the experience and skills which were got during long researches in this compact crossover.

The Nissan Qashqai SUV is compact, and has excellent technical characteristics which, allow it to get with ease out of any situation on narrow city streets by means of high landing which improves the review in the district, and the increased road gleam.

Nissan Qashqai perfectly is possible to prove and in the country, thanks to a special design of elements of a suspension bracket and carefully worked systems of protection of passengers and the car in ekstimalny situations. It gives to the car magnificent controllability and necessary safety.

The road gleam of Qashqai of 20 cm allows to overcome with little effort

city obstacles in a look a border and country barriers. Systems of maintenance of course stability and the full drive of the car provide easy controllability. The sizes of inside of the car give to the person feeling of space. The driver`s seat is purposely located highly to allow the driver to see accurately the route. The system of the full drive itself in the automatic mode distributes a torque between axes and regulates it from transfer of 100% for forward wheels in the ratio 50/50, ensuring traffic safety and the most exact management.

Process of management of the car in the city becomes simple and pleasant. The crossover has onboard automatic inclusion of headlights, the rain sensor, the automatic darkened intra saloon mirror, parking sensors and the rear-view camera. The car is equipped with the Bluetooth module. The system climate - control quickly and without sounds can heat or cool your salon. Fuel consumption can depending on engine displacement can make from 5,7 l at the country mode to 10,8 l in the city.

Modifications of Nissan Qashqa and their price are given below:

1. 6 MT 2WD (115 hp) - from 657 500 rub

2. 0 MT 2WD (141 hp) - from 848 500 rub

2. 0 AT 2WD (141 hp) - from 938 500 rub

2. 0 MT 4WD (141 hp) - from 997 500 rub

the Interior of salon is a match for dynamic appearance. Zones of the driver and the forward passenger are accurately divided by the high central console which together with the drowned devices has to create illusion of the profound open room. To such spirit there correspond seats with lateral support. The president of Nissan Carlos Ghosn declared that the company plans to sell more than 100 000 Qashqai a year in Europe.

Nissan Qashqai - the excellent crossover with excellent to technical characteristics. Nissan Qashqai equally suits successful men and prompt independent ladies. On indicators of passability and controllability it corresponds to the compact SUV, but also is rather convenient for trips around the city.