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How to restore former density of hair?

Alas and ah, presently this question concern enough many women... In the childhood the majority of us had thick hair, and at everyone different - at someone rigid and volume, at someone - soft and silky, someone “in inheritance“ got ringlets, and someone even never thought of existence of the iron... There is a lot of us, such different. However not everyone manages to keep so valuable “gift of the nature“.

Unfortunately, the reasons for reduction of density of our most beloved mane there can be just a weight: stresses, a long illness, bad food, the wrong leaving and many - many other factors... As they say, a name to them - a legion. However not everything is so bad, and there is always an opportunity to correct a situation. I want to provide several councils in this article about how it is possible to get the magnificent head of hear which is so desirable to us.

Council the first, and most important! Change the way of life in the most correct and healthy party! Thing banal, apparently, but! If your food - 90% fast food, and vitamins you persistently ignore if the dream for 3 - 4 hours a day is your everyday occurrence, about physical culture you did not remember since a school bench, then the probability of existence and emergence of the finest braid at you is close in the near future to zero...

In whatever modern clinic you were examined, whatever very expensive preparations accepted, external influence will help only for application, further the situation if does not worsen, then everything will return into place within the next half a year. Hair are an indicator of our state of health therefore application of temporary means, let and the best, is equivalent to renovation of the decayed house.

Council No. 2: if you have an opportunity, be examined by doctors. Council, of course, that at whom is:

a) or also the tranquility of a boa is a lot of free time to sit in our turns in hospitals;

b) or considerable quantity of money to pass treatment in specialized clinic.

I emphasize - it is necessary to be treated in clinic, but not at the trichologist. Why so? I give an example from own life. My friend descended on similar “consultation“, in some 15 - 20 minutes left our nearly 2000 wooden, plus under the influence of recommendations “the expert - the professional“ spent one thousand more for acquisition of “professional shampoos“ and when I heard council, slowly slipped from a sofa on which, actually, waited for it, nervously pokhikhikivy. “Well generally, here hair grow, and here do not grow... In principle, healthy more or less... You know, I plainly can tell nothing, you should be examined by the endocrinologist, the neuropathologist, and in general, know, on doctors run about, analyses to a posdavayta“... Perhaps it was so not lucky it, but where a guarantee that will carry to you? Well here, as in the song, “think, solve“...

On the other hand if you know about all the sores, but you do not take any measures... Again - your choice.

Council No. 3: Have patience. My dear ladies, you lost hair not in a year and not for two? Then do not wait for a miracle in few months, treatment of hair, as well as skin, for example - procedure not from fast. You will achieve more or less noticeable results at most in a year. Honestly. Not earlier.

Council No. 4 (it is method)! I Recommend to all as not demanding any financial investments, your expenses of time will be minimum, and at everything at the same time it is the most effective . This grinding of head skin... Yes - yes, and the more often, the better. Hands to pound I do not advise, it is the best of all to moisten hair and to begin to pound them a terry towel. Procedure very painful - it is honest, on itself tried, to sustain 2 minutes of such massage of subjects at whom vessels are narrowed (most often from - for stresses), is torture. But suffer! Because you will be rewarded. It is necessary to do this procedure at least once a day.

Attention! Be ready that hair will drop out more intensively at first. I specify, at first - at least a month or two. In 4 - 5 months growth of new hair will begin. Well and consider how many years are required to you that they grew to necessary length.

PS. By the way, combing of hair on 100 times a day just pursues the same aim.

Council No. 5: minimize, and better in general exclude all laying means, mousses, skins, gels, varnishes, use of the hair dryer... About coloring, a chemical wave, a carving, a permanent hair straightening, decolouration and other “delights“ of the industry of beauty in general I am silent. Let`s have a rest to hair. I know, for many the task can seem in principle impracticable, but devil is not so black as he is painted, believe to me.

Council No. 6 : Very much I recommend to remove regularly a sechka in process of its emergence, but is not more often than 1 time a month.

Go to hairdressing salons with care - in - the first, remove at the hairstyle price there if you want to clean a sechka on all length, in - the second, lose centimeters of three at least. But again - if you have the good checked expert, then you can safely trust yourself in his hands.

My personal way: a beret a lock of hair, the more thinly, the better, you twist it, and here what will stick out - safely remove nozhnichka. Procedure - expensive on time (usually 1 - 2 hour at a fine rather thin hair) also demands considerable assiduity, but has a number of advantages:

• it is free;

• quality of removal of a sechka will be much higher, than in a hairdressing salon;

• hair grow better since tips “breathe“.

And, at last, council No. 7 - carry out all in a complex, please, and then you will be able to achieve tremendous results!

Sincerely I hope that my councils will help all representatives of a fine half of mankind with their aspiration to make themselves even more perfectly and more perfectly.