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Power of thought of

Millions of people in our world complain of the life. Complain of that what “too choosy“ officials, disgraceful politicians at us, millionaires are freaks, all thieves etc. Grandmothers and grandfathers are engaged in it generally, sitting on a bench, watching TV or standing in a queue on an appointment. This generation still as that can be understood because they grew up at the USSR, then when all were hypnotized and not allowed to think as they would like actually (though still it is possible to argue with it). But here when about “bad life“ the younger generation complains, it is worth reflecting... And about what you ask!? I will answer you! It is NECESSARY to THINK OF ABOUT WHAT you THINK!!!

learned By the experience that all our thoughts materialize.

If we think about bad, then unpleasant things come to our life. Means it is necessary to control the thoughts, to be able to operate them and to think of positive things. It is not simple

, I will tell you, but it is very possible. Having worked over itself mesyatsok, a half of garbage (negative thoughts) will be automatically eliminated.

you blame Nobody for your failures. You master of his own live, but not the government and officials. As you want, current it and will be.

Is such remarkable saying “The ball comes to the player“. On the example of this saying it is possible to consider how our thoughts act on us and on our life. If we actively think of any person, then he marvelously will appear in our life though it and was impossible. Scrolling in the head, that life full nothing, than is also engaged most of people, that it also will be for them.

of People, seeking to become the rich, thinks of it, makes decisions, works, and at the same time not for a minute does not “change“ the thought. It it is simple goes towards the aim and does not recede. Believe, this person will achieve the. This thought it pushes itself(himself) to actions, attracts the necessary situations, the necessary people. Thinking of

differently, speaking to itself “I am a loser, nothing in this life shines me“, it also will not lift the fifth point from a sofa, the necessary people will not appear in his life and naturally money will not appear.

Is one more moment which is called “Think of the present“. This moment gives the additional strength of your thought. I will give an example. If I want to be healthy, successful and rich, then my thought has to have the formulation “I healthy, successful and rich“. That is I think in the present. Why quite so but because thinking “I will be......“ it can be attracted to you through five, ten, and maybe there are more years. It will already be possible to you it there is nothing. And when you think present, positive to you will come in real time, right now, and not then.

needs to be understood that the person is a magnet; the magnet settles down in the head and attracts power of thought. There is a set of books and doctrines on this subject. You multiply them to study, but if you do not understand it, will not try, then everything is vain and useless.

Therefore I advise all to be kinder, cleverer, more reasonable and to think only of good! I guarantee that in your life there will be considerable changes to the best.