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How to get a job?

As a rule, negotiations of the employer with the recipient of this work, are very delicate moment, especially if for the seeker of work this not first place on which he tries to settle. However it is worth remembering: as if you wanted to receive this place, you should not allow firms to impose you the rules from the very beginning of interview. Working by own rules, you will make impression of the person assured and understanding the business. One more note should be mentioned: in Russia domesticity is developed. For this reason there is an opinion that slightly some vacancy should be released as the management of any firm will begin to look for replacement among relatives, friends, acquaintances... It should be taken into account: qualification first of all. Even in a big circle of acquaintances it can not appear the person with necessary knowledge. For this reason to shout, after the next unsuccessful attempt to swing hands and to shout that they have supposedly all only on protection, is not necessary.

Possible traps.
So what should be afraid of

when you go to settle on the new place? Quite much...

1) A trick with a salary. Standard reception: to promise one salary, and in practice to give absolutely other. There are options worse: you settled to work as the waiter, and enlisted you in hairdressers.

2) A trick with a trial period. the Trial period is practice for many firms. In such cases the salary is given minimum, and loading - maximum. And then take and say that you did not cope. Therefore after the fulfilled half a year desire to go to the street.

3) A trick with a patronage. If you are sure that without patronage you will not be hired, then do not try to look for it. You are too not self-assured. No patronage is necessary to the confident person. Main thing: to be an efficient professional, to be the sociable and not closed person and at once to prove the devotion to this or that firm.

4) Crime trick. Lack of work is “a painful point“ for any person. Many criminals note it to themselves. Trying to get a job, it is possible to lose sometimes all savings, and even apartments to lose. Frauds of swindlers strike with the variety.

your potential as worker.

Before job search is recommended to estimate objectively the abilities, strong and weaknesses. With it you can be helped by D. Sh. Singer`s test.

It is necessary to respond “truly“ or “incorrectly“ to the listed below statements:

1. When you go for interview at revenues to work, you would take with yourself somebody for moral support.

2. Most of heads respect energetic seekers of work whose initiative is noticeable already on interview.

3. If you look for work not for the long period, then it is not necessary to speak to anybody about it.

4. If you want to accumulate experience, then work almost for free.

5. You need to get friends on whom it is possible “to exhaust“ if you begin problems.

6. If you the good expert in the business, then it is not obligatory to adhere to the established schedule of work.

7. Systems of an assessment have no role in current business.

8. Any person can cope with any work if he spends for it some time.

9. You have to always try to move forward.

10. You keep around excess questions, but do not set them.

11. You have to develop in yourself belief that work - the most important in your life.

12. The less the chief, the better knows about you.

13. Your chief will be very glad if sometimes to give him gifts.

14. It is not necessary to warn the chief in advance if you are going to leave the work.

15. Today programs of training directly at the place are more and more widely applied, now it is unreliable necessary to get higher education.


It is processed the received results.
If you answered

“incorrectly“, then add to yourself 1 point.

* 0 - 3 points. * you do not have enough hope to get on interview.

* 4 - 7 points. * to you should pass a long way, before to become the good worker. If you really intend to receive a workplace, then you need to weigh properly everything PROS AND CONS. Also to you will not prevent to address the consultant for employment.

* 8 - 12 points. * you are on a right way. Think over questions in which you made mistakes. If you do not understand something, then you should address the chief. He will express you the personal opinion and will give concrete explanations.

* 13 - 15 points. * At you the necessary approach to the required work. You can become the good expert. It is necessary to try to cope with the appearing problems.