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Homer. Realities of life and funny nature?

Small, in appearance very uncomfortable island of Homer. But how many the secrets, legends, zabavnost similar to jokes, it is possible to hear for once!

What is costed, for example, by the fact that last year celebrated birthday of the oldest inhabitant of the island. She was 103 years old (and in general on Homer live long: men of 78 years, women 83 years). The respectable senhora was asked that she wants as a gift? The municipality - the smallest in Spain - was ready to execute any desire of the long-liver.

That stated very modest desire: “ Ya I want to see the sea! “. I will remind that the woman lived all the 103 years on this island of 400 square kilometers. Also she lived in mountains from which not only the sea, but also other islands is visible. However its village settled down in the gorge, all life was in work, and it did not happen to see the sea somehow. Local authorities with pleasure executed a wish of the elderly senhora.

So there live Gomera`s inhabitants - in works. The population now - 22 thousand people. Agriculture, very heavy, so-called terrace agriculture was earlier major activity. It remained also now, but in an interesting look - a shift method. Men (namely they are engaged in agriculture) go to mountains where terraces are located, there remain for several days, will not perform all works yet (to strengthen a terrace, to open, put, weed). Spend the night at the same time in caves.

At present this type of agriculture falls into decay, it is too labor-consuming. Once the main crop - a sugar cane, but also it lost in competitive fight. The main income of inhabitants - tourism and bananas. Except banana plantations, on the island grow up some fruit and vegetables, grapes, do palm honey and wine. And palm moonshine too.

Did also natural dyes earlier. The main - red, from the plant louses living on one of types of cactuses. Steady, strong, harmless dye (it is still used as the painting food additive where it is required “to podkrasnit“, for example, in ham) was forced out by the chemical aniline dyes invented in Germany. Demand fell, there was the minimum production.

Gomerets consider that at them - the climate, best in the world. Even there is an inscription on entrance to one of towns. It, first of all, is connected with the fact that they are not deprived of water, and not too hot. And in valleys they are protected from the winds blowing from the ocean or sand brought from Africa. On the island there are several reservoirs for drink and an irrigation of the soil, all the year round warmly, but not hot.

whistle Language

One of original cultural traditions of the island - whistle language. The most ancient, but was preserved up to now. “Gomersky whistle“ (silbo gomero - silbo gomero) was used by shepherds: in mountains it was heard on 6 kilometers. It was adopted at first by Spaniards, in 19 - 20 centuries it was forbidden: was considered that local bandits actively use it. But now its teach at schools as an obligatory subject .

This language is based on an onomatopoeia - it just transfers words. “I go“ - two sounds “fyyut - fyyut“ with the put intonation, a due phoneme and height of tone. At the same time - also rather difficult phrases are under construction. Emigration and immigration , of course, is not enough


of Workplaces on the island. Many go - someone to the neighboring islands, someone to continental Spain, but the most part - to Latin America. The favourite country - Venezuela where more than one million natives from the Canary Islands live. La Gomera`s inhabitants also often choose Venezuela. There is also an opposite problem.

Though inhabitants of the other Canary Islands (composing about them the jokes deriding the block which is allegedly present them) laugh at La Gomera`s inhabitants, those, in turn, show improbable sharpness. A problem of the whole world - illegal emigration. Long did not know that to do with migrants of Africa who with risk for life crossed by boats ocean distances and appeared in the territory belonging to Spain.

At first toughened criminal penalty for the captains of ships transporting migrants. Did not help. Then brought together all and by plane sent to Madrid. Say, you there, in the capital, adopt laws, here and decide what to do specifically with these people. Now patrol coastal waters, intercepting boats: illegal emigration was reduced three times.

the Nature and tourism

Tourism on La Homer remains to

considerable part of the income. Though this tourism not for those who like to flounder about in the ocean. This island - for fans of mountain rural rest. For those who love a privacy, silence, clean air and greens. For example, for Angela Merkel who had a rest there in one of mountain hotels.

The nature on the island - special conversation. Heather bushes to 20 meters of height in Garajonay National Park. The relic laurel woods are declared by UNESCO natural heritage of mankind. The matter is that several millions years ago such woods entirely covered all territories adjoining the Mediterranean. Now they practically disappeared. But the laurel woods of La Gomera remained in inviolability.

There are also plants - endemics, the island, despite mountainousness, very green. There are also mushrooms, even slippery jacks and white, bring together them in the winter. On the island nothing poisonous grows. The fauna is rather poor, but is present. Big monitor lizards crowd together on one berezhka, it is a lot of birds and - wild rabbits. It is not surprising, that once delivered, they very well bred. And now hunt them.

La Homer`s island lives life. On repair of the terrifying mountain roads, it is even worse, than on Madeira, the European Union allocated money. So the small island in Atlantic still has prospects. Rest there - on the fan. And here to look is on what.