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Why women cut off a bang? Classification of bitches of

Of course, all of us, women different. We have different growth, a hair color, length of hair, actually, and quantity of it. About all this it is possible to talk endlessly - what is only cost by stories about stupid blondes, spiteful brunettes or sexual red. But there is one more opportunity to learn about character of your darling more. It is even not attempt of classification of women by length of hair. All essence in a bang.

I I will not draw the arising analogies supposedly the woman with an open forehead - it is open both in soul, and in thoughts. And the woman hiding eyes and eyebrows under the hanging bang - is full of secrets and surprises. In total with an accuracy on the contrary. Besides, it is necessary to take into account and the following regularities: than easier at the woman at heart and than it is better - that in lighter color she dyes hair. Respectively, the new hair-dye of your darling is more dark - the more resolutely she is ready for cardinal changes in her and your life. The extreme case - when the bright blonde in one day is recoloured in the burning brunette.

Men, do not disregard this fact, in such a way the fragile female mentality by all available means sounds the alarm and asks about the help. Drag your beloved to the psychotherapist, you bring to a straight talk because just like that proteins do not fade, and women do not change a color.

Once I in panic was called by the husband of my friend Lena, Egor. Having come home from work, he found in a garbage can eight packings from various hair-dyes and the half-conscious wife from two facts. In - the first, Lenkina hair instead of the color expected by her after eight colourings got a radical green shade. In - the second, money for new paint in a family was not any more. I gathered five minutes, bought paint and went to visit.

Lenka resembled on wavy a popugaychik which at the moments of neurosis pinches to itself(himself) plumelets. Both in the color, and state. Everything came to an end well - the paint brought by me we painted hair of the girlfriend in color with which it is not a shame to go outside, for the next day it reached a hairdressing salon and returned itself a shade “ashy blond“.

But if her husband thought of a family more, than of the yacht, work and cognac, Lenka would not dye to herself hair eight a time in a row as a mad raccoon - poloskun.

The woman too not from good life cuts hair. Hair are a memory. Force, energy if you want. When the woman goes and cuts off a long braid - she makes the action saying that she is ready to start life with a clean slate to forget the past and from now on to avoid the mistakes made earlier.

Men, be always extremely attentive to what the woman, significant for you, does with the hair because it will give you the chance to prevent its nervous breakdown, scandal, change and divorce if you want. Be just attentive to a hairdress of the woman and especially - to cardinal changes in her appearance.

I want to specify - the natural hair color of darling does not matter, and after thirty five years loses all relevance because of the appeared gray hair and severe need to paint over it.

A disturbing factor, I repeat, change of a hair color is (the more darkly - the worse) and change of length of hair - the well, the more terribly. If your darling has a shave bare - too it is time for you to collect suitcases.

To a question of a bang. To cut off a bang - an important step to the woman`s lives. Because obstrich hair it is possible in five seconds, and to grow a bang at least to a chin that in eyes did not climb, and for ears refueled, will take not less than ten months.

What is the woman without bang - an angel heavenly. High (or not really), but surely open forehead testifies to mind and purity of thoughts. Literally naked eyes and eyebrows attract all eyes to themselves. It would seem, everything is remarkable. But the woman without bang is as a cat with the claws involved in small pillows of paws. It will have enough patience to saw you decades. But she will throw you only after cuts off a bang. Caught a difference?

The competent bang covers not only eyebrows, but also part of a nose bridge, remaining at the same time stylish and ideally equal. Gives to the woman a mysterious type and illusion of insight though the hostess of a bang can further thoughts of sale in a semibasement consignment shop and not dream. The bang covers wrinkles on a forehead too that gives essential economy on Botox injections.

Determination - the main line which distinguishes bitches with a bang from the dolls imitating them with open foreheads. Because if the woman had enough determination obstrich a bang which it is necessary to let grow it nearly a year, it will have enough determination for many other things - on making itself happy. On doing favorite thing. On to earn much and to consider it as a shame. On throwing out the unnecessary person from the life. And on all the rest.

At Stephen King in his novel “Marenovaya Rose“ it is told: “The woman needs a lot of courage to be a blonde“. Respecting the master, I will not agree with him only in one - heavy to be a blonde, and it is heavier to be the blonde with a bang a hundred times. It is enough to see Uma Thurman in the movie “Kill Bill“ that to understand it.