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Sunflower: what we love “the satellite of the Sun“ for?

the Mother - the nature took care of the people who read the Sun since ancient times - a source of life and pleasure on Earth, presented them a star prototype in a flower equivalent - a sunflower. In Greek the sunflower sounds “geliant“, comes from the words “Helios“ - the Sun, “ŕíňîń“ - a flower.

A little family tree of a sunflower

the Homeland of a sunflower is North America. On a legend gods presented to Indians this flower symbolizing the sun therefore the sunflower was a sacred symbol for the Indian tribe. In the 16th century Spaniards delivered a sunflower to Europe. Long time a sunflower was grown up as a decorative flower, later seeds of sunflower began to eat as a delicacy.

The first British began to receive oil from sunflower seeds, used it in the weaver`s industry. To Russia seeds of a sunflower were brought by Peter I from Holland. For the first time in Russia oil from sunflower seeds was received by the Voronezh serf Bokarev. When cultivation of sunflowers accepted agricultural character, sunflower seeds delivered again to America where after destruction of the tribe of Indians all sunflowers were translated.

Scientific character of “movement“ of a sunflower behind the sun

the Hat of a sunflower turns behind the sun during the light day. This fact has scientific justification. In a stalk of a sunflower there is a phytohormone the auxin which is responsible for growth. Height of sunflowers reaches five meters. That part of a stalk which does not receive enough light accumulates in itself auxin, a side effect is the movement of a sunflower behind the sun. Such movement of a plant behind the sun is called geliotropny property. When growth of a sunflower comes to the end, the hat does not move behind the sun any more and remains turned on the East all the time.

the Sunflower - a symbol of the esthetic movement

When a sunflower got to Europe, its began to grow up as an ornamental plant. Louis XIV - “the king - the sun“ - was delighted with this flower. Europeans embroidered sunflowers on fabrics, cut out from a tree, cast from metal. Oscar Wilde called a sunflower a symbol of the esthetic movement. The best Van Gogh`s pictures are sunflowers which he drew in the south of France, in Arles. Claude Monet created the magnificent air still life with sunflowers. Gerhard Glik, Gauguin, Schiele, Nodye - all of them with love drew sunflowers on canvases. And presently the sunflower remains “sun“ of art and the photo.

the Sunflower - a combination of beauty, nutritious properties and pleasure

Sunflower belongs to family of slozhnotsvetny. The flower of a sunflower is a one thousand small florets which will turn then into one thousand seeds. There are about 60 types of a sunflower, grow up in the agricultural purposes only sunflower one-year and a girasol.

Seeds of sunflower contain a lot of calcium, 18 - 20% of proteins of day norm of the person. Sunflower oil (vegetable) - the most widespread and cheap in the world, richly fatty acids.

The sunflower serves the person as a reference point on the district. As even in cloudy weather the hat of a sunflower shows where there is a sun concerning the horizon now.

The sunflower is the most melliferous plant. One hectare of sunflower “gives“ 50 kg of honey.

A sunflower - the flower respected in the people. On - to a national belief the sunflower possesses protective properties. He can be imprisoned on the street near the house. The sunflower reflects power invasions, relieves the tension of the house if to put it in a vase.

Bouquets from sunflowers wild (we will remember a vase with Van Gogh`s sunflowers) are magnificent. The sunflower symbolizes warmth, adoration and durability.

Give to the darlings sunflowers in honor of summer!