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What to be engaged in Dallas in? Walk in Addison of

It is known that many big cities of America consist of the certain small cities, for example, Dallas includes the cities of Pleyno, actually Dallas, Addison, Richardson, Garland and many others. In Russian it is possible to call them areas. Give - we will walk to the city Addison located slightly to the north of Dallas.

History and the facts

For the first time the settlement on present Addison`s place arose in 40 - e years of XIX - go centuries. In 1849 the mill set in motion by couple of oxen was constructed, and in 1888 several residents of the settlement sold the right for driving through their territory to the railroad. There was a station under the name “Substation Noel“ called in honor of one of above-mentioned inhabitants, S. S. Noel (S. S. Noell). In 1903 the railroad connected future Addison and Dallas.

Addison the settlement became in 1904 when mail opened. As the city under the name “Noel“ already existed in Texas, the settlement was called in honor of the first postmaster, Addison Robertson (Addison Robertson). In 1914 Addison`s population made 75 people, and to the middle 50 - x 600 people already lived in the city. In 1953 the airfield was constructed, in 1956 the newspaper is based.

The city continued to grow. In 1976 inhabitants adopted the law on legalization of alcoholic beverages (unlike Dallas) that led to rapid growth of number of restaurants and hotels. Low taxes on property (1/6 from Dallas) attracted many enterprises in Addison. In ten years (from 1990 to 2000) the population of the city increased twice, and the number of the enterprises - by 8 times.

Some interesting facts:

Addison is one of the few cities in America which for a nominal payment provide WiFi to all population of the city and all enterprises.

4 thousand people can stay At 22 hotels of the city at the same time. Every spring Addison is decorated with the blossoming tulips. Bulbs in number of more than 70 thousand pieces are ordered in Holland and land in the winter.

In Addison carries out a huge number of festivals and holidays - more than 29 times a year, from them fireworks in honor of the Independence Day are one of the biggest in Texas.

In Addison there passed shooting “Doctor T and women“ (Dr. T and The Women) with Richard Gere`s participation, Helen Hunt and Farah Fosett.

the Population of the city makes about 16 thousand people, but in the afternoon the number of the people in the city increases up to 100 thousand at the expense of employees and tourists.


If to ask residents of Dallas, than is well-known Addison, many will answer - restaurants, and will be right, but only partially. Really, in Addison there are more than 170 restaurants (173), at the same time a square of the city - 24,5 sq. kilometers. At such number of restaurants all permanent residents of the city can go to restaurant at the same time, and all will have enough places.

The most interesting restaurants in Addison, undoubtedly, are (as a rise in price):

of Selim`s Doner Kebap - shawarma, dolma, the Turkish desserts. Also at this restaurant it is possible to eat schnitzel... The prices are very moderate, a situation very informal.

of Queen of Sheba - the African (Ethiopian) food. Names of dishes are absolutely unfamiliar, before a meal and after it the special ceremony of lavabo is held. Eat with hands, helping themselves pieces of bread on which the food moves actually. Average prices, situation informal.

of Fogo de Chao - the Brazilian restaurant where the various meat made on naked flame in style of the Brazilian gauchos is offered. Meat is presented by beef, mutton, pork, chicken meat, and also fried sausages. Except meat, the restaurant offers a buffet (buffet) - more than 30 various salads and cheeses, garnishes (mashed potatoes, fried polenta and fried bananas). If still there is a place, it is possible to order a dessert. The prices - high, a situation semi-formal.

But what else interesting there is in Addison, except restaurants for every taste also a budget? About it is in the second part of article...