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What to be engaged in Dallas in? Addison`s sights of

In the first part of article we got acquainted with Addison`s history, one of “districts“ of Dallas, and its restaurants. Now let`s look at its sights.

the Museums and theaters

In this city exists the third largest nonindustrial airfield in America where itself can employ the small plane and the pilot. The number of planes for hiring exceeds 700, and runway length - 2400 meters (approximately is twice less, than at the usual airports). In this airfield aero shows in which both the latest, and ancient planes participate are often carried out.

At airfield the Museum of history of aviation founded in 1993 by Jim Kavano (Jim Cavanaugh) and called in his honor works. In the Museum there are planes and helicopters of times of World War II, cars of the same time and other exhibits. It is interesting that practically all exhibits are supported in working order and on two of them (PT - 13 Stearman and AT - 6 Texan) can make 30 - minute flight over Dallas.

Speaking about the museums, it is necessary to mention Mary Kaye`s (Mary Kay Museum) Museum devoted to life and activity of the creator of cosmetics, famous to all America, - and a unique way of its distribution. By the way, in the company “Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.“ 1300 residents work.

The theater of “A water tower“ (WaterTower Theatre) located in the well-known district of the city under the name Addison Circle already 20 years please residents of Dallas with the statements which modern and classical dramas, comedies, musicals and westerns are among. At theater the school of drama art works.



the city can do without shops? It will not be pointed at usual boutiques and huge shopping centers of which in Addison it is full. Let`s better look for the little-known and picturesque small little shops which are not part of a network.

Addison Coffee Roasters . It is possible to find all possible grades of coffee in this coffee and tea abundance existing 26 years from around the world - from Mexico, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica. Roast green coffee grains at you as required, the car for frying is installed directly in shop.

Discount Model Trains . Whether you in the childhood had the toy railroad? Is not present? And now you can buy. Only consider - what is on sale in this shop, is collection goods. It is not just some abstract railroad, and exact copies of the existing and existing trains, rails and even a landscape. Models differ by the size: from 1:20 to 1:220. This shop was open in 1989 and is the biggest similar shop on Hugo - the West of America.

Desert Design Knitz . This shop - paradise for knitters which almost all of us, ladies, were earlier. The wool choice (and not only) is huge, there are magazines with samples, various buttons and in general everything that can only be necessary for knitting. Besides, in this shop it is possible to buy clothes and gifts (scarfs and pr).

Parks and sculptural constructions

also is In Addison more than ten parks with a total area about 50 hectares. The first park was arranged in 1978. From parks the biggest and known is Addison Circle Park located in Addison Circle. In this park the majority of holidays and festivals for which Addison is known is spent.

In Addison Circle there is also absolutely small park Bosque. Having entered into this park, you will get to a grove of the well-known red cedars of Texas kept since those times when Addison was rural areas. On the edge of park the covered well which is dug out manually by the farmer Doc Bryant (“Doc“ Bryant) living in these parts remained.

On the quiet small street of Qourum there is very interesting sculpture. It represents a metal arch with an opening under which the metal sphere is located. Two times a year, in day of the autumn and vernal equinox in certain time pass a ray of sunlight through an opening and lights a sphere.

The most unusual and lovely park of Addison, undoubtedly, Celestial is. In the center of this park the big green lawn on which it is very convenient to spread a cloth for Saturday picnic, and around, under shady trees is located, there are benches.

Flat steps with the quotes of the famous poets and philosophers which are cut out on them conduct to a “human“ sundial. If you get up on a certain place (it agrees to month of year) and will extend a hand, then your shadow will show time of day (without amendment on summer - winter).

Well, were acquired? It is time and to go home. It is good that Addison is so close from Dallas, Pleyno, Richardson and other districts of Dallas - on crossing of streets of Belt Line and Dallas Tollway...