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Why hands fall or whether there is life after “plateau“? Each of us at least once in life began

or resolved to begin “ new life since Monday “ - to leave off smoking, begin to run in the mornings (many even bought the annual subscription in fitness - the hall), to keep the budget and to lay off 10 percent from the gained income, to learn English or to call the mother-in-law “mother“.

And now remember, as quickly it ended - this your “with new life “? Usually there lasts endurance for 2 - 3 days, at most for a week.

Why does that happen?


Why to most of people around the world lacks will power for continuation “ of new life “? The answer to this question lies on a surface - on change of our habits time determined by , and also a serious investment of our forces and energy is always required.

Cultivation (education ) in itself new habits reminds slow laborious work of the gardener more , than prompt start of the space rocket.

For this purpose it is necessary to rummage much in the earth (in itself) - in the beginning to plant seeds of new habits, then carefully to water weak sprouts, to weed (to protect them from various of ill-wishers and doubting in our success), to love, to care and cherish. In a word, to put all heart and soul in this business, new and difficult for us.

Only after a while the long-awaited time will come to reap a crop in a look not only the new habits, but also of new results in life!

We, often, are ready for receiving instant result - “by on pike command, on my volition “ - and, it is desirable, with the minimum efforts from our party.

Quite justified desire, only, unfortunately, it does not lead to results.

At the beginning of any way, even the smallest, we are eager to act, are overflowed with energy and are ready to make feats.

Passes day - another - the third …

I we get on long and equal “ of a plateau “ is time of lack of expected “ of break “ and even of deterioration the available results after which we guaranteed fail in so-called “ a hole “.

“ of a hole “ many do not get out of this … Because in this “ to a hole “ hid and the breakdown, rage and irritation, fatigue and apathy, disbelief in themselves and even an exacerbation of various diseases wait for us.

Such unusual and extremely painful image our organism resists changes. Long ago it is noticed that the more the forthcoming changes, the kickback will be deeper “than “, the more deeply the person fails in “ a hole “, the more difficult to it to be chosen from there.

We are perplexed - it has to be better, and becomes every day worse and worse.

Good news

Usually such difficult periods come before some our strong “ break “, transition to other, qualitatively new level of development. If, of course, we collect the will in a fist and we will continue to move in the chosen direction.

Therefore my personal council - not to stop, continue begun, to work to result!

When you begin to understand essence and inevitability of periodic emergence in the life of such stages as “ of a plateau “, “ a hole “, “kickback“ and “ having dug “, - it becomes easier, there are forces to wait, overcome this “ uneven “ a stage in the life and to leave “ of a zone of turbulence “ updated and stronger and self-assured.