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How to avoid damage of all system on the computer?

in my opinion it is necessary to begin a question with the fact that it is not necessary to save on an antivirus both safely and to firmly put

purchased in shop. Most it is desirable also with system. And then most important. Who understands the register? Units. Therefore without capital knowledge it is not necessary to cut anything there! For cleaning and adjustment there are so far at least piracy programs if grandmas just barely enough. There are also free options, but on them it is better to spit and forget... But also it not the main thing. Who changes the register? Who at last also puts it out of action? Correctly! You are! More precisely you the actions! Even more precisely - installation of new programs and any foolish “IMPROVING“ utilities!!! But also it is still a floor - troubles... You do not know then as to remove them and are stuck on obum! Most “competent“ delete unnecessary through “Start-up - Control - the Control panel - Installation and removal of programs“ And it is not CORRECT!!! Some delete with a program of CCleaner or Unlocker - the utility for removal of not deleted files and folders or others and not precisely!

These programs delete what will be found! And a lot of things in the register and system as the garbage - remains!

And so to be saved, saved and begins to fail and lie also other mucks.

I will explain. From where to Bill Gates with employees was to know that you establish the utility “A fly on the screen“ of Vasya Pupkin from Mukhosransk... They simply did not count on it - where it that will register to establish - therefore and removal - STANDARD! From the garbage remains in system!

And it is necessary to delete with the program - which watches as where you put then to clean without the REST!

For example the program of Total Uninstall 5 does it. Only it is necessary to establish it it is desirable with even pure system - without programs! And then you will almost not know problems if you do not climb any in a row websites and to download it is unknown that, with viruses. Or do not begin “to understand the register“ as “it is written in the clever book...“ or someone advises. In the register in principle it is better not to climb without extreme need and VERY accurately time in a floor at all - years! And to clean a good program.

And on postdock.

Do not install many programs without need.

Look for good SMALL programs.

It is not necessary to establish the Photoshop for small needs. You not the pictorialist. And it is possible to remove a birthmark on a muzzle with tens of tiny programs! Big programs strongly brake system.

Try to hold everything on CD and DVD do not tire system with your irrepressible imaginations....

In advance I apologize for unnoticed mistakes and give YOU GOD!