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Change of mechanisms of data storage and the description of characteristics

This article will shed light on modifications in mechanisms of data storage and the description of characteristics in a platform 1C: Enterprise 8.

I Think, costs article from the fact that the program became more scaled. One of primary indicators of a nastraivoyemost of a platform, it is necessary to mark out availability of stable work at increase in volume of the processed data, the volume of the connected users, the number of the carried-out operations.

As show results of tests, with increase in number of users, the speed of input of documents remains usually invariable. It means that at increase in number of the connected and working users, the speed of the answer of the program 1C: The enterprise 8 as a rule does not change that gives the chance to continue to work successfully with system.

In a platform 1C: The enterprise 8, is not present the tables of the database leading to competitive access from users. Emergence of competitive access can appear only at the addressing logically connected data, at the same time without affecting the data which are not interconnected among themselves.

the Exclusive mode in a new platform is set not at program launch and when there is a performance of operation of the activation demanding it. On the end of such operations it is possible to turn off the exclusive mode.

in the database is added storage of randomny information in a section of several measurements. For this purpose added a new element of a configuration “The register of data“. In it frequency support is developed that allows a possibility of development of information on time or a position of the document.

That belongs mechanisms of the description of characteristics then not grandiose changes from which it is necessary to distinguish the most important are made:

due to introduction of a new element of a configuration “The plan of types of characteristics“, users got in the interactive mode, an opportunity to set different characteristics in which, for example, nomenclatures will be considered.

On it consideration of the changes made in mechanisms of data storage and the description of characteristics is ended, and in the following article of this cycle of articles we will carry out the review of changes, occurred in a contour “Accounting“.