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What types of bicycles happen?

Despite variety of the world of bicycles, everything them it is possible to classify by several types: mountain, city, road, bmx, teenage and children`s. In this article their common features, differences and advantages are briefly considered. After reading of material it will be much simpler to choose the bicycle which is most suitable for you. At the end answers to frequently asked questions are given.

Mountain bicycles (other names high-speed, mountain bike, mtb, mountain bikes). It is possible to tell safely that mountain bicycles - the most popular and widespread type of bicycles in Russia. Let`s understand why.

Advantages of mountain bicycles:

universality - can go by them with identical success both on off road terrain, and in the city;

a bright, sports view - many like to be allocated;

the hi-tech equipment - to all like good shock-absorbers, multi-speed system of transfers and disk brakes;

ease of replacement and modernization of the equipment - at the market presented enormous quantity of accessories and spare parts for mountain bicycles - from multi-colored caps on nipples to winter studded Nokian rubber;

the price - often the prices begin with several thousand rubles;

an opportunity to be engaged in extreme sports;

mass character - most of people goes by mountain. If you buy by

the bicycle for usual trips around the city, rest or fitness, pay attention to some features of this type of bicycles:

landing by mountain bicycles sports, that is everything is made so that the weight of your body was evenly distributed between a wheel and sitting - the back will be slightly bent, and hands are extended;

tires on wheels of mountain bicycles most often with a mud protector (“toothy“) therefore at the movement on asphalt you will feel small vibrations and noise, and also you will use more efforts at the movement, than the owner of the city bicycle, similar in characteristics, with smooth tires;

in a regular complete set of all mountain bicycles (except some models of Stels firm) do not have the factory wings protecting you from water and dirt. It is made for economy of weight and for compliance of the sports concept of the bicycle - “nothing superfluous“. Certainly wings can be bought in addition separately. If the considerable part of your trips are the share

of the asphalted roads, it will be more rational to look narrowly at hybrids or city (hybrids are similar on mountain, but at the same time are equipped very fast 28“ with wheels).

City bicycles (other name city bikes). Type of bicycles rich with a variety. Here and classical city bicycles (with wings and a luggage carrier), and the models combining the speed and comfort and folding, cruisers, etc. It is difficult to classify everything as one models are strongly similar to mountain bicycles, and others to road. And still they are united by one - all of them are created for trips in city line. Than modern city bicycles are good?

Advantages of city bicycles:

a wide variety of types under any needs - from light folding bicycles to impressive cruisers,

appearance - are often very beautiful and are even graceful,

city “lotions“ - factory wings, luggage carriers, baskets, footboards, protection of a chain, headlight, horns, etc. useful things (however some models created for fast trips are not equipped with these accessories),

comfort - landing by majority of city bicycles is made such that your back had a rest and you derived pleasure from driving; soft, convenient sitting, special handles of a wheel, safe pedals, etc.,

convenient adjustments - often, except height of a saddle it is possible to adjust height and an inclination of a wheel,

a practicality - you can go to any city clothes, habitual for you, and not to look ridiculous,

smooth (not “toothy“) tires on wheels thanks to what the bicycle perfectly slides and saves your forces.

owing to backwardness in Russia conducted infrastructures, city bicycles on streets of the country in minority so far. However the steady trend on purchase of city models is planned recently. Everyone finds in them something for itself(himself): convenience (comfortable), mobility (folding), style and beauty (cruisers, choppers), etc. Besides, city bicycles are very practical and do not demand special leaving. In many cities of Europe the bicycle plays an important role in life of citizens.

Road bicycles (other name road bikes). Rather highly specialized type of bicycles which is strongly tied on fitness, sport and long travel. It both classical road cycling, and cycle race, and thriathlon. Popular hybrid and tourist bicycles also belong to this type. Each sports discipline imposes the requirements to a bicycle design, however between all models obvious similarity is traced: easy frames with thin pipes, nakatisty 28“ inch wheels, sports saddles and a large number of transfers.

Advantages of road bicycles:

small weight,

the advanced materials - the easiest aluminum alloys, carbon fabrics,

high speed at the smallest labor costs,

laconicism - minimalism in the best possible way, anything superfluous,

excellent option for maintenance of in good physical shape (fitness),

traficability on long distances,

an opportunity to participate in world-class competitions.

BMX bicycles (other name BMH). These are small bicycles without shock-absorbers which are used for stunt driving or races. Inexpensive models are popular among teenagers since they very strong and unpretentious for learning of tricks, unlike mountain bicycles. Expensive models weigh much less and on them it is simpler to carry out difficult tricks (torsions, a somersault, etc.) .

The abbreviation of BMX is deciphered as Bicycle Moto Cross (bicycle cross-country race), i.e. competitions where riders are driven on specially prepared route with low springboards (by analogy with cross-country race). For such races there is a separate category bmkh.

Advantages of bmx of bicycles:

very strong, thanks to a rigid design and strong steel or is lame to a molybdenic frame,

the maneuverable, allowing to carry out easily a number of tricks, thanks to the compact sizes and special geometry of a frame,

unpretentious - easily are under repair in case of breakage,

inexpensive - the prices of bmx begin from several thousand rubles,

allow to participate in various competitions,

compact - are easily transported in the car, the subway, electric trains and other general transport.

Teenage and children`s bicycles (other name teen, child, kid bikes). Well here the name speaks for itself :) The world of children`s bicycles is very different too. The main gradation at them on age and growth of children - from the smallest bicycles with 12“ wheels, to teenage with 24“ inch. To additional it is possible to refer execution or style of each concrete bicycle - it can be the reduced copy of the mountain bicycle or beautiful cruiser.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

1. Why most of people buys mountain bicycles for driving on the city?

On it several reasons are. In - the first, it is the type of bicycles, most widespread in shops (special popularity in Russia inexpensive bicycles of the Stealth brand enjoy). In - the second, the majority buys for itself one bicycle and in this case gives preference to universal - on mountain it is possible to go both on off road terrain, and on asphalt. In - the third, mentality. Men in Russia love all sports: sportswear, footwear, newspapers, cars etc. In - the fourth, many people just do not know or are not interested in bicycles, and in shop they are not told about alternatives. I think it is possible to continue further;)

2. And it is possible to ride city bicycles on parks and forest paths?

Of course is possible. City bicycles are often equipped with fast, nakatisty wheels of 28 in size“ inches is an ideal option for fast or daily trips. If you want to be often in parks or forest parks to the rolled paths, look narrowly at comfortable hybrids with 26“ wheels (the same size of wheels, as well as at mountain). City bicycles with 26“ wheels are slightly lower, and tires on them rather wide that it was possible to pass trouble-free on the ground or to sand.

3. What is it in mountain bicycles what is not present in city?

of Mountain a bike is, first of all, sport and competitions. You can ride these bicycles in various sports and extreme conducted disciplines, such as Cross-country - a country, the Biker - cross-country, Daunkhill, Dert, the Street, etc. Therefore requirements to durability and technological effectiveness of the equipment very high. Frames of mountain bicycles strong are also capable to sustain serious loadings. By city bicycles you will hardly meet the powerful forward or back shock-absorber and disk hydraulic brakes. They there are simply not necessary.