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Airships. Do we have a future?

the Airship are an aircraft of frame type at which carrying power is created, in whole or in part, by means of gases easier than air, and force of horizontal movement - by means of engines. The best gas is inert gas helium because it does not ignite when heating. Therefore interest in airships grew when the cheap technology of receiving helium was created.

Still airships already flew to times when the first planes were similar more to the flying whatnots, and blew the mind of people the sizes, elegant forms and flight opportunities. And in the first half of the XX century the real competition between airships and planes in their practical use for the civil and military purposes began.

Especially Germany whose comfortable devices began transportations of passengers and freights on long distances succeeded in airship building. And who knows what means would win this competition if not war which rejected airships from - for their tikhokhodnost and an easy porazhayemost even the simple weapon. Of course, in fight planes were quicker, more maneuverable, are better protected etc., and motor fuel was then rather cheap.

Despite it, interest in airships did not die away during all XX century, especially when any energy crises began, but their mass production did not take place. In - the first, it is difficult to overcome the competition of the aircraft construction which turned into the huge industry, and in - the second, technically the airship building far lagged behind both in sense of a design, and concerning infrastructure for design, construction and service.

At the end of XX - the beginning of the 21st century interest in airships amplified owing to a sharp rise in price of motor fuel and their obvious advantages before aircraft again. What so attracts the airship with?

When using helium it is much safer than the plane. Helium does not fill completely all case of the airship, and is in bags. One bag will burst - the others work. The airship is much more eco-friendly. For its movement it is not obligatory to use hydrocarbonic fuel. It is possible to use nuclear engines, electric motors, including on solar batteries, etc.

Attracts also multifunctionality of airships. They can be used in different fields of activity: from tourism before transportation of goods and passengers, for suppression of the fires, landing of the woods, relaying of teleradio signals etc., well and, of course, in the military purposes. Airships in the remote regions of Russia are especially necessary, at off road terrain and undeveloped infrastructure. They can bring people and freights in any point of the country, and it is cheaper and safer, than helicopters.

In the Russian “aeronautic fleet“ there are 7 transport ships so far. But already federal and regional programs of development and construction of airships of different function work. The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation does not lag behind with orders also. At the same time are used as the former, earlier not realized K. E. Tsiolkovsky`s ideas, and new developments which allow to control the carrying power of the airship, to make vertical take off and landing, to hang in air almost without energy expenses, to sit down vertically on water and a firm surface etc. of

In domestic development there are hybrids of the airship and plane which can be used in any mode - plane, helicopter as a sea vessel on the airbag etc. Also pilotless options of airships operated from Earth are developed for transportation of goods, video surveillance, the telecommunication purposes, etc. we Will tell

about some airships of the future developed in the different countries. The hydroairship is intended for flight over a sea surface to transport freights and passengers quicker, than sea vessels, and cheaper, than planes. Of course, high-speed characteristics at it will be lower, than at our ekranoplan, but the level of service of passengers - is not worse, than on the comfortable ocean liner. Also military are interested in this type of the airship to use it for search of the opponent and coordination of actions of the means.

It is also planned to use, instead of satellites of Earth, the stratospheric airships rising by height of 20 - 25 km for reception and transfer of digital radio signals, the organization of mobile communication etc. Use of such devices will cost much cheaper start of satellites. Besides, it is easy to replace their equipment, they can be utilized safely while satellites cannot be utilized, and they after failure constitute for a long time danger to spacecrafts and ecology. There are many projects and for private use of airships, type of the air bicycle, etc.

generally, is not excluded that shortly we will see importunate advertizing of type on screens of the TVs: “Fly airships of Rosdirizhableflot - reliably, favourably, conveniently!“. Also we will depart and that!