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What to feed a dog with problem digestion with?

are told About food of healthy and strong dogs much. But what to do if your favourite suffers from disorders of a gastrointestinal tract or food allergy? The main thing - not to despair, from any situation there is exit, it is only enough to pay attention to with what you feed a favourite doggie.

First of all, should not follow the tastes of advertizing and to feed a dog with dry feeds. As if you reacted if you were given a bag with brown balls and told that it is the balanced ideal forage for the person, and you need nothing, except water and 6 spoons of balls more a day? Certainly, the dog will not state you the gastronomic claims, but you will do harm to her health.

In - the first, the forage is canned food. Any canned food will not be compared to the real food on the content of vitamins and minerals. To call canned food the best and economic food - an excellent marketing mix and no more than that.

In - the second, dry feeds, even at continuous access of a dog to water, lead to deposits of salts in kidneys and to digestion violations. It concerns not only dogs, but also in general all pets.

But what to feed a dog with? The first that occurs, - to give it food from the table. And it would be a big mistake. Certainly, this is not about domestic dogs which live in the doghouse and eat leftovers with the crumbled bread. It is difficult to overpersuade owners of such dogs in something and the dog, is a lot of years eating on scraps in half with the bones which are picked up during walks will not get used to other diet any more.

However if you got a puppy and decide what will be his further health (namely it you and do, choosing a forage), it is worth treating a dog slightly more carefully.

In a dog diet should not be :

of Sharp bones (chicken, mutton or beef) . You remember, belief that for a dog there is nothing better than a stone - no more, than the myth. Boiled bones which at a razgryzaniye break on sharp chips can wound a stomach and intestines of a dog, having caused internal bleeding. It is allowed to give crude bones (they are more elastic than boiled), and it is desirable that they contained cartilages. Tubular bones of birds, and in general small thin stones, it is forbidden to give.

of Pearl barley and barley . These two cereals cause overloads of intestines of a small predator, leading at best to swellings and belly-aches, in the worst - to intestinal impassability.

of Pork . It not the most strict rule, however at the majority of dogs can begin an allergy if there is too much pork in a diet. Same touches a chicken liver.

of Sausage and sausages . Here without options: the amplifiers of taste and a smell who are contained in sausage lead to loss of a scent of a dog. Besides, in these products there are a lot of harmful substances and for the person. You do not feed the child with sausage? For the same reasons you should not give to a dog fried and smoked food.

of Sweets . Even if your dog is crazy about them. An allergy, combing of a muzzle, diarrhea and problems with a scent - here consequences of your entertainment of a favourite dog candies and cookies. Of course, if it picked up a piece from a floor, nothing happens, but specially sweet it is impossible to feed a dog.

Veterinarians agree in opinion that the food for dogs has to be natural. Notice, it will be told to you by any nutritionist if you address him with “human“ problems.

Once obligatory the doggie gives :

Natural meat . You spare expense for boiled beef? Buy entrails, scraps. It is better if you get friendship with owners of a local butcher shop where you will cheap buy meat waste in not frozen, fresh look. In day it is worth giving to a dog about 60 grams of meat on 10 kilograms of weight.

of Grain : porridge, buckwheat, rice, millet. Porridges have to be added to meat in an unsalted look (to a dog “will be tasty“, animals in the nature do not eat salt and spices). You should not overfeed an animal with grain: 3 - 4 tablespoons of porridge on meal will not allow a dog to recover.

Soups and natural vegetables . It is better if in such soups there is less potato more cabbage, carrots and beet. It is useful to add fresh vegetables also to porridges: cut to a dog in a bowl a third of a cucumber or couple of leaves of cabbage. In this case it normalizes digestion, and it will not suffer a shortage of vitamins.

Vegetable oil . Add 1 - 2 teaspoons to food, and hair of a doggie will shine not worse, than in advertizing.

Cheese and dairy products . Here without restrictions: the main thing not to give in large quantities.

Tendency of a dog to an allergy and problem digestion is most often generated by improper feeding. The care of what is in an animal bowl will relieve you of experiences about his health, application of drugs and frequent campaigns to the veterinarian.