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Toadflax ordinary (lion`s pharynx). Whether the plant helps to increase a potentiality and to treat various diseases?

the Toadflax ordinary - a plant well-known, only more often it know according to the national name “lion`s pharynx“. In various regions also other national names - baranchik, a vidalnik, a hare pharynx, a dog pharynx, a summer lightning, a toadflax forest are used, a lennik, a drunk grass, yellow zvonik, a stogolovnik, etc. the Toadflax ordinary is widespread

, she can be met on fields, waste grounds, vol is expensive, near ravines and ditches. Stalks of a lion`s pharynx grow to 30 - 80 centimeters (sometimes above), from above they are decorated by big brushes yellow or oranzhevo - yellow flowers. Blossoming continues all summer and an early autumn.

A root at a toadflax rod with creeping escapes therefore the plant often grows at groups. The toadflax ordinary has a specific smell which is difficult for confusing with something, and is saltish - bitter taste. You should not forget that it is poisonous. The plant is very beautiful, but from - for virulence and a smell for bouquets it is usually not used.

Thanks to existence of a significant amount of useful substances the toadflax ordinary is widely applied in traditional medicine of many countries. In a plant there are organic acids (apple, ant, acetic), minerals, vitamins, tannins, peganin, linarizin, linarin, saponin. Preparations from a toadflax possess anti-inflammatory, wound healing, soothing, antifungal, sudorific, expectorant, laxative, diuretic, zhelchegonny, diuretichesky, detoksikatsionny, antivermicular, antineoplastic, antigelmintny action.

For preparation of preparations use flower brushes and the top parts of a stalk of a toadflax which collect in a dry sunny weather during the whole summer. Use seeds less often. Dry a plant in a shadow on a breeze. Drying in rooms is applied seldom from - for specific a smell which remains also at dry plants.

In traditional medicine preparations from a toadflax are applied in the form of juice, infusions, tinctures, broths, extracts, tea, ointments. For external application often use the fresh plant crushed to a kasheobrazny state. Wipe with juice of a toadflax the inflamed skin, various skin rashes and fungal diseases treat, grease wounds, ulcers, gemorroidalny knots. The divorced juice wash out eyes, rinse a throat at catarrhal diseases, add it to water when washing the head and to bathtubs when bathing children with skin diseases. In small amounts juice is applied inside at inflammatory diseases of a liver, zheludochno - an intestinal path, a gall bladder, urinary tract, enuresis at children, to increase in a potentiality and treatment of prostatitis at men.

Do bandages, compresses and lotions at various skin diseases, herpeses, eels, furuncles, inflammations of joints, etc. of the crushed grass and flowers to

infusions and decoctions from flowers and a grass of a toadflax are Widely applied. Usually for their preparation undertakes from one tea to a tablespoon of dry raw materials or is one and a half times more than boiled water, fresh on a glass. Insist in a thermos or on a water bath, without bringing to boiling. At preparation of broths bring to boiling on weak fire or a water bath and maintain 5 - 10 minutes. It is possible to store infusions and broths 2 - 3 days in the refrigerator. For long storage do tincture on alcohol or vodka. Infusions and broths are drunk from 1 - 2 tablespoons to 1/3 glass to food or used outwardly. Tincture is applied drops, parting in water.

Infusions and broths of a toadflax have light laxative and zhelchegonny effect, gastric gripes, a meteorizm, diseases of kidneys and a liver, cystitis, enuresis, a sciatica, anemias help to treat. Preparations from a toadflax reduce short wind, kill a headache, help to normalize activity warmly - vascular system, zheludochno - an intestinal path and a metabolism, are good expectorant cure for cough, are used as sudorific at colds and antidote at food poisonings. They promote increase of arterial pressure and speed of a blood-groove.

In traditional medicine the toadflax was traditionally applied at treatment of diseases of eyes - trachoma, conjunctivitis, a blefarita. Infusions and broths of a toadflax female diseases, in particular - pains treated at periods and violations of a menstrual cycle. Traditionally preparations from a toadflax applied at depressions, a breakdown and muscular pains, men them were given for increase in a potentiality and normalization of activity of a prostate gland. For this purpose used also tea from a toadflax for which preparation the teaspoon of dry raw materials was drawn in a glass of boiled water. Added a toadflax and to complex tea collecting, but in insignificant quantity.

For external application use ointment from a toadflax for which preparation mix in equal structures the flowers ground in powder with vegetable oil, animal fat or vaseline. Exist and other more difficult ways of preparation of ointment

At treatment by preparations from a toadflax ordinary need to be considered that the plant is poisonous. Before application of preparations consultation with the doctor who will help to pick up a dosage and the mode of reception is inside obligatory. As a rule, the course of administration of drugs from a toadflax does not exceed 10 days then the week break becomes at least. At external application there are no special restrictions.