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How to grow thin without harm for health? Personal experience of

When I understood that I need to dump several kilograms, I decided to approach business with all responsibility.

I perfectly knew that there is no magic way safely to grow thin for several days. Therefore I refused diets, fasting days, tablets and grass collecting.

Though by means of all these ways people grow thin - only then they quickly gain the lost weight and besides add, as a rule, some more kilograms. It, of course, did not suit me, as well as risk to affect the health by means of some “safe and easy way to grow thin in a week for 10 kilograms“.

And here that I made:

Began to consider calories

by means of calculations I learned how many I am recommended to consume calories to grow thin, taking into account my growth, age and a constitution. It appeared - 1300-1500 kilocalories a day. And the most part has to be received from complex carbohydrates, and smaller - from fats.

And when I counted the caloric content of the usual diet, I was unpleasantly surprised - 2500-3000 kilocalories. On the Internet there is a set of programs for calculation of caloric content, I needed to introduce only the name and weight of a product, and as a result I received all power value of a diet in a day. It is possible to find the websites where recipes with caloric content are already provided. And it is possible to consider and manually - a small divergence and calculations does not matter.

I watched remaining within norm, but almost every second day I broke and exceeded caloric content on 1000-1500 kilocalories. And all the same in a month I grew thin for 4 kg! Now I do not do calculations any more - I learned to define approximately where and how many contains calories. And it is good - because constantly it is awfully boring to consider calories!

Reconsidered all power supply system and began to adhere to a low-fatty diet

Ya understood that to grow thin and to gain weight, I need to eat less fried potato, chocolates, sausage and to cease to take alcohol. Alcoholic beverages kaloriyna in itself, besides they cause appetite increase, and to me it was perfect to anything.

I replaced the chocolates which are so loved by me which earlier I ate on half a box for time with a zephyr - it does not contain fat at all. If there is a wish for some sausage and sausages, I choose in what the content of fat is no more than 10% (most often in its sausage of not less than 20-30%). I began to eat more vegetables - I reduce usual portions in two - three times and all remained place in a plate I supplement with vegetables.

It can be also fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika) or steamed (the cauliflower, broccolis watered with soy sauce). For a dessert I eat fruit because how was kaloriyen banana, there is no fat in it at all. Mayonnaise and sour cream I replaced 3,5% of fat content with natural yogurt. Still I drink tea and coffee without sugar and I dilute juice with water - so I receive less simple carbohydrates. Besides I have surely a bite one couple of hours prior to a lunch and a dinner, and very quietly I eat after 18. 00.

Found suitable video trainings and began to be engaged regularly

Ya tried a set of programs and stopped on 15-30 minute daily occupations (interval kardio - power loadings). Even if there is no time at all or there is no wish, for 15 - minute training it is always possible to find time and forces. And the result did not keep itself waiting - muscles were tightened, endurance and thought increased that physical activities accelerate a metabolism, very much pleased! However, from - for heats it was necessary to throw trainings, but as soon as becomes cold, I will regularly start over again being engaged - very much it is pleasant to me how my body changes for the better.

As a result: for the first month I lost 4 kg, for the subsequent two - 4 more. I got into a dress which on me was not buttoned! These terrible rollers on sides and a back disappeared and the stomach does not need to be pulled in constantly any more. And at the same time I do not keep to a diet, I do not starve myself. Once a week I surely eat fried chicken wings on a grill - I cannot refuse to myself this delicacy and what for?

does not need to limit itself and to deprive of tasty food, it is better to make small amendments to a diet, to try to eat variously and there are more vegetables and fruit. And not to be lazy to look for new recipes and to experiment in kitchen.

I wish you easy and useful weight loss!