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You love distant trips on the car? Do not forget to take a brick in the road!

Sometimes the heard incidentally good advice suddenly are remembered in extraordinary conditions, and we regret that we once turned to it a deaf ear, took into consideration and no more than that.

... I, as always, watched “What? Where? When?“ and, without having guessed, as well as “experts“, a question of the truck driver, it was struck with the answer. Remembered. Remembered and was even going to put into practice immediately. But immediately does not mean now, at midnight at all. Tomorrow it is possible. Or the day after tomorrow, for example. Well, generally, this week or this winter …

I Dare to hope that though I will help someone from you at a difficult moment the story about what necessary piece a brick.

It happened to b to me “to decay“ practically in the wood once. The frost was awful for Belarus - thirty four degrees. I was dressed quite easily: sneakers, jeans legenky, the same jacket, without gloves. I just went from the city to the city, having in plans travel for a couple of hours. In the car heat, music plays. Decided to reduce a way and went through country cooperative for the acquaintance to me to a dirt road.

The evening, is closer to seven, absolutely darkened. Any there is more car, any village nearby. As breakage was very serious, to do without the technical help hopes was not absolutely. While tried to understand the cowl device, stiffened completely. Hands do not move, phone was discharged from a frost. In a cabin of the car minutes for twenty it became as cold, as on the street. Not to include an oven - the motor, I understand, also it is better not to get and it is not going to do.

What to do? Put phone to the places of the body which remained warm still which - as could gather help to learn technical help phone. From the second time it turned out. Began to warm up phone in the same places further that already to agree with a loader. From the fifth time, it seems, it understood me. That is I explained the location with an accuracy of five kilometers and whether it left for me, did not understand.

It is impossible to run about and get warm because there is no road, snowdrifts huge around. I therefore moved down from a track in the brought roadside. Also “decayed“, trying to get out of this abrupt ravine somehow.

When passed hour two, I understood that there is no hope. And everything became frozen in me to the last stone. I trudged to “dead“ country houses. No watchman is visible, there is no trace, the casual summer resident - the fan of a winter sortie. Who in such frost and on off road terrain on weekday on the dacha will be trampled?

Broke a window of the next izba, got inside. Tooth on tooth does not get. Got out back, in the yard found some firewood, chips, garbage paper. In utter darkness groped (thank God!) matches. Whole packing. Kindled the furnace.

Having slightly got warm, scratched to owners of giving a note pardonable, left the phone number.

While I already gathered phone of my saviors, suddenly saw in the distance headlights. Ran towards - the technical help everything is me found!

Well, and now, we will return to our “rams“. The question for experts was from the long-distance truck driver from Far North. Sounded approximately so:

“For what I always, going to distant flight, definitely prepare and I take with myself an ordinary red brick?“ Experts were close to

, but all - could not answer. It appeared, this long-distance truck driver before flight for days presoaked a brick in kerosene. In a bucket. Wrapped up it in a package that there was no smell in a cabin, and “firefighter“ took in flight to everyone.

If to set fire to such brick, having only slightly struck the last match or a lighter, then within a day - two it will burn, without dying away. In “fighting“ conditions it is possible to cook also food and to get warm, and to dry clothes.

If to extinguish a flame, having just clapped some rag, and then to put a brick in a car cabin, then in it will become even warmer, than from oven heating.

Other useful properties of a brick, already in “noncombat“ conditions:

- if at the dacha gas in a cylinder reached a limit, and the furnace does not want to be heated - warm a seagull on it, dry mittens, to a postoyta in the got wet boots on it and just warm handles;

- it is possible to heat a barrel that to fill in with tar if was worn out;

- if someone with the “bad“ head asked in fellow travelers, and to shoot there is nothing, get from - under its seats to drop on this head.

Me the science went for the future. Now I always carry with myself in the car a treasured brick!