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Aromatherapy of

Today the first of June. Well, if we live on new style, we will consider that the summer already came. Especially as this year it came to us nearly at the beginning of May.

In the house smells of pancakes. Which I just baked. Which I do not love, generally, but which smell madly of the house. Or the house smells of pancakes?

Little girls went to bed yesterday a bit earlier - gathered for jog on the wood in the morning. Asked to wake at half past six. Rose to them by the second floor - and how here to awake if here still strongly smells of a dream. Let it pass, with run. Vacation began, let will sleep off. The whole year waited for this summer.

And even already does not smell of textbooks and the diary - textbooks are handed over, diaries lie on a window sill in kitchen - to guests we, parents we brag. Is than: and estimates super and our contribution is not small. Homeworks with tears in the eyes, shouts, reproaches, with happy then “Mummy thank you that forced to rewrite, I received for the translation “perfectly“!

The mowed grass after a rain smells so that it in a test tube and to aliens - “In this jar - a smell of summer of the planet Earth“!

In the yard it is already noisy since one or both mornings of the neigbour, and on the right and to the left of us, feed the beasts. As agreed, shout at the same time in different languages, scattering millet in feeding troughs. One - “Tsyp, tsyp, tsyp …“, another - “Raising dust, raising dust, raising dust …“ It is ridiculous. From where it “raising dust, raising dust …“. Though “tsyp, tsyp …“ try, explain.

And to chickens all the same in what waiter language invites to a table - both there and there equally with appetite started a breakfast. Smells of grain, as on current. Only the lilac and a jasmine kill all other aromas. It is worth passing by bushes and only slightly to move them - ah, here it is summer!

It will end on the first of September. What - that ninety days, and - everything, alas …

I I will wait for summer again. And already I anticipate strong thunder-storms and heavy rains, fogs such dense in the mornings that it is possible to play at hide-and-seek, and heat, heat, heat … Also smells of wild strawberry, mushrooms, herbs.

Jasmine. I remember that day when mother brought from where - already blossoming bush and put that under a window of kitchen. And then - and ours with it a favourite bird cherry, a smell of my Kazakhstan childhood. Beyond Irtysh in meadows there was a lot of bird cherry from which we even cooked jam. And here, in Belarus these sweet tart berries even wolf are called. What nonsense! For a bird cherry offensively.

And the father, passing by these spring bushes, constantly screwed up the face and spoke: “Faugh! Stinks!“

A now when there was no mother, it looks after them and speaks opposite: “Smell, the daughter as the jasmine smells! Here I to you cut a bird cherry, put houses in a vase, to go crazy what aroma“! Only now nosed out what mother breathed, probably. Or remind these generous summer clusters of it … to

It is interesting and how now smells in the wood and there, at the lake? It is necessary to check. And did not ride the bicycle years … so … last time on are big went with the eldest son to a summer camp, it seems. Yes, precisely, years, so twenty back. Wow! At two o`clock in the morning, by the way, having forgotten that at this time all normal sleep, sent it SMS - ku: “Sashenka, let`s reconcile, I ask“. There is no answer. Perhaps sleeps still?

And I will risk, I will go - on the lake by bicycle. Suddenly there is such smell which will not be any more later? So what if few times I fall, I on asphalt will not go. The main thing - not to break a leg, and work I will lose that for a long time, me without wheel - the khan.

Cool! Ooh, you! I go!!! Children, I remember everything! I go not worse, than twenty years ago. Still smells of the road, asphalt and a civilization, but here behind that yellow cottage I will turn to the right and at once it will appear in the wood! And there will be paradise of smells: pines and fir-trees, birches, herbs, bilberry, dew and fog! What we here the rich, on the earth! Aromatherapy? It is ridiculous to breathe from test tubes and flakonchik - here, in three kilometers from the city smells of the real life, the childhood, beauty, in the summer!

The woman jumped out of a cottage in a long dressing gown, left in a huff so that I was frightened.

- Swine you! - shouted to the one who remained inside, and, having stooped, sobbing, went to the end of a site, to a garden.

My God, did not even think earlier as the dressing gown spoils a figure and even gait! I saw it on heels and in cheerful some motley skirt yesterday. I did not even begin to stop to suggest to give a ride to her as I do it usually when I see the “horseless“ neigbours hurrying on a stop. So also got acquainted with all here - it is not a pity to give a ride to the on the way to the city.

And here did not stop, did not want to spoil her mood - she so beautifully clinked on the sidewalk, all such harmonous, with an equal back, in beautiful fashionable shoes!

And now here - the woman the woman, sobs, crooked all some. Probably, and I such in the mornings. I will return - I will burn a dressing gown to hell! No, I will not begin to burn down, will stink, I will carry just in a trash can. I will not begin to spoil smells of summer this uniform for housewives!

She swore with the, probably. Just like that “swine“ since morning do not speak. By the way, saw it in a supermarket with some krasavishny. Aha, precisely, I remember how it under a lokotok kept it in line at cash desk. To it - To God, so do not hold daughters, sisters and colleagues. So hold those who can be held so. Precisely. Also looked at it as look “before“: the desire prt from all cracks.

Well, everything is clear with you, neighbors. And with a dressing gown everything is clear now, both with “swine“, and with tears.

At first from a door the pungent smell of expensive French men`s fragrance pleasant to a disgrace escaped. Then there was also it all such ironed, fresh, ready again there, in line to cash desk. For sure! To the fortuneteller do not go! Whistled the alarm system, goes to the car. By phone purrs, looking around on the wife who is growing white the dressing gown - a frog skin under cherry on a bench. Purrs not with the chief, not with the friend, matter of course. You look in his buttered eyes. Since morning, perhaps, already a rendezvous? Or so far it is only planned? Well, then I represent what will be at a meeting! Oho - go! We are not young any more, but heat as!

Waited until it left gate on brilliant, pure Toyota. The gasoline smell, thank God, departed behind it to a dogonka. Here it nafig is not necessary to us!

- Girl! (And how still to address the woman at us? Devil - what.) - I shout to the lady crying in a garden. Gate have a bicycle. - Girl! It is possible you for a minute?

- You to me? - Rises, also sutulyas, goes to me.

- Good morning!

- Kind …

- And you know … today here - the first day of summer. And I go to one place remarkable. And you cry. Give, together we will sweep by bicycles there?

- You what, went crazy, perhaps? What I will go somewhere by bicycle? Yes I did not go hundred years. This is the husband here … And in general …

- Yes? And I - twenty. You represent? It is more. Let`s roll?!

- I in a dressing gown … And where? And, why, did not understand?

- The Dressing gown - to hell! I will wait for you. We is short. For work it is necessary for me soon.

She smiled, strange looking at me. Disappeared in the doorway, but literally in a minute left already in shorts and an undershirt. Looked younger for about ten years, it is not less.

At first it was shaken, leaning legs against the earth not to fall. Precisely, as I. Then slowly, slowly went. And already we nearby on a wide track in the wood turn.

- Listen, you such strange … - It to me.

- Aha. I know. Here decided to remember a smell of summer in the first day.

- And where we?

- Well, here, through the wood we will pass, through pines and a birchwood then, to the lake in Old times we will leave. There we will breathe, and - back. All right?

- Aha. - Panting for want of habit, but my lady answered with already vigorous voice. - Listen, and, however, as smells! In the house it is not heard.

- Just in the house of smells there are a lot of others. Prevent to hear summer.

- Et precisely! - she burst out laughing. And I see you sometimes, you there, behind a stop live.

- And I you. Yes, we there, at the beginning of the street.

The husband called: “Listen! Leave the house! Throw you the computer! I here on ring go, from the wood so smells! And rain expected to fall. Class! By the way, today first day of summer! It should be noted“!

- I am already. I note!

- How it?

- And we here with the neigbour on velika in the wood go.

- You on are big?! And what there for the neigbour?

- Aha. And you do not know the neigbour. We only, here, got acquainted. The wood we breathe. And in the summer! We have an aromatherapy!

- Well, good fellows! Carefully, girls, be not run over by a car, not girls!

- In the wood of the car do not go. Here so birds sing! To be stunned!

On the lake if to close eyes, smells of the sea. Well, it is possible to present it! And from the fisherman coffee smells, pours from a thermos.

- To Lie down here and there is no cover. - My companion is distressed.

- Give without. Directly on a grass.

- Give!

We lay and inhaled everything that the easy morning breeze of minutes brought fifteen.

- Well, everything, it is necessary to go. - With regret I told.

- You Know, thank you. If you do not take offense, I still here will stay.

- Well, well. You will find the road?

- Yes, remembered. On smells I will also go back. And tomorrow again, can? You do not want?

- I Want, it is necessary to grow thin. Well, all good to you. Do not cry, all right?

- I will not be. It is necessary to enjoy in the summer, it is such short. Now I will remember as to me it is good, and I will not be afraid so any more that it is short.

- Don`t be afraid. In the fall, by the way, too there are a lot of smells of the presents, not worse. Just they - others.

- It agrees. What - that we abnormal, huh?

- And it pleases! Well, till tomorrow?

- Bye-bye!

We even forgot to ask how who is called, fir-trees - sticks!

All right, tomorrow we will get acquainted, I think.