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Why people get fat?

to leave extra kilos, it is necessary to understand at first that they are and from where undertake. If you understanding as for what you do, then the result of your efforts will come much quicker - conscious actions always more effective.

All products which we eat consist of feedstuffs, to a greater or lesser extent rich with energy, and also vitamins, salts, minerals, a klechatka and water. Energy contains in foodstuff in the form of nutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. At their splitting the connections less rich with energy are formed. At the same time the free energy necessary for implementation of activity of an organism is emitted.

Therefore everything is simple - if you do not gather additionally necessary kolichesvo energy with food, then it will be developed from stocks - first of all fatty, thus you will grow thin. If you overeat, then all excess energy will be postponed a pro-stock, and you will get fat.

Therefore to keep weight stable the arriving energy has to be equal to spent.

Fatty cages are called adipocytes. The adipocyte consists of a big drop of fat which pushes aside other elements of a cage, including a kernel, on the periphery. Adjournment of fat is a normal physiological process, it is simply necessary for a survival. The main objective of a fatty cage is creation of a stock of energy in the form of fat. Due to fatty deposits of people can starve about two months. Also, fatty to weave stores water in an organism. Fat is necessary to us for thermal insulation, by means of it female sex hormones are produced. Fat even just mechanically protects internals. And there is more to come functions of fatty tissue. So to fat to be!

What fatty tissue is? Fatty tissue is a congestion of fatty cages. Fatty deposits at the person are located hypodermically and around internals, and also under soyedinitelno - the woven covers covering muscles. All fatty tissue is divided layers of friable fibrous fabric into separate segments of various form and the sizes. Blood and lymphatic vessels pass in these layers and cover loops of group of fatty cages. Each fatty section contacts at least to one capillary thanks to what various substances come to a cage and disintegration products are removed from it.

At obesity the fatty cage increases in sizes, access to capillaries is broken, thus there is no metabolism in these cages. Zashlakovanny cages are not cleared, fatty tissue becomes the place of “waste disposal“.

There are three layers of fatty tissue. The hypodermic forms proportions and outlines of a figure, it covers all surface of a body, and everywhere it the different thickness and density. As you already probably understood, in this layer cellulitis is formed. Thickness of a hypodermic fatty layer is defined by thickness of a fatty fold. It is very simple to determine fold thickness - in a standing position take two fingers a grease layer - the distance between fingers will be equal to thickness of surface fat in this place. To get rid the easiest just of this type of fat. The second layer is located more deeply - under muscular tissue, these are “strategic“ stocks of an organism. The third layer is located in an abdominal cavity (visceral fat). Externally it is swept up as a big elastic stomach (like beer stomachs at men). In such situation thickness of a blanket of fat can sometimes be only 2 - 3 cm, and waist volume very big - it means that in an organism visceral fat prevails. It is known that large volume of a waist is life-threatening (at women from 80 cm, at men from 90 cm).