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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on July 31 - on August 1? “Ñîëò“, etc.

So far in the central Russia are costed by a heat, and in Siberia at the night of a freezing, movie theaters continue to please the audience with hire novelties. Last week, as expected, the first line Russian boxing - office was surely occupied by Christopher Nolan`s “Beginning“, having earned very decent 215 million rubles.

During a week present it is not enough debutants, but and they each other are going to compete very rigid. On July 29 the Russian movie theaters the following tapes come out: a spy thriller with Angelina Jolie “Solt“, the historical combative drama “Centurion“, the family comedy about dumb animals “Cats against dogs: Kitty Galor`s revenge“ and French comedy “Villain“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Ñîëò“ (Salt). It is remembered, once at me the certain grandmother who decided to flash the knowledge of German gained at Bismarck translated a poster of “Kommando“ with Arnold Schwarzenegger as “Team of Black Huntsmen“. I will not shine with the knowledge of English because I know that Solt - at all not salt, and a surname of the employee of CIA, Eveleen Solt whose role in a new spy thriller of Filip Noys is played by Angelina Jolie. Jolie visited Russia within the presentation of the new picture, than inexpressibly pleased our tabloids, already rather tired of the growing bald Kirkorov and other muffled stars of a domestic shoubiz. The scenario of this strong action which at the moment holds the second place on collecting (after “Beginning“) in America, was written by Curt Uimmer, the author of quite good “Ekvilibrium“, weak “Ultraviolet“ and extremely uneven “Law-abiding citizen“. The director, Filip Noys, in similar pictures ate that is called not one pack of dogs. Behind his shoulders two movies about adventures of CIA - Jack Ryan`s shnik according to Tom Clancy`s novels - “Games of patriots“ and “Direct and obvious threat“, and also rossiysko - the American Saint project. In zero “Solt“ - the first work of the director for marketing campaign of which even allocated quite good money. However, it is rather a merit of Jolie which the star status pulls this movie more purely than other engine. It is amusing that had to play initially leading role … Tom Cruise. By itself when Angelina became the leading person of the movie, the scenario had to be pochikat thoroughly to change everything “it“ on “she“ and to introduce other “womanly“ amendments. Roger Ebert delivered to “Solt“ the same 4 stars, as to “Beginning“, and in general in every possible way praises highly this thriller shot, according to him, in the best traditions of a genre of “thrillers about spies and the Russian villains“.

2. “Centurion“ (Centurion). Englishman Neil Marshall, the director of two “Descents“ and one “Doomsday“, came to new level, trying to reach Ridley Scott`s scales. “Centurion“ - the next version of story about the Ninth legion, and judging by a spectacular trailer, much more blood-thirsty, than a recent family skit “The last legion“ with Colin Firth. According to the same commercial personally it becomes obvious to me that the tape will hardly be able to apply for monasteries of “Gladiator“. The picture was already released Great Britain, and still on April 25, earned real kopeks and now here leaves at us; date of release in the USA is not even appointed, i.e. the picture was obviously underestimated there. Personally I am confused by Olga Kurylenko painted in a blue strip jumping with the axe atilt. However, visually “Centurion“ quite pulls on the firm four and is calculated on audience for which the drive, the action and mass fights are of not scientific interest. It is recommended under beer and other sweets. The effect is provided.

3. “Cats against dogs: Kitty Galor`s revenge“ (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore). Nobody waited, and creators of the family comedy of 2001 of “A cat against dogs“ for some reason decided to remove continuation of the opus. Not at once, on the roll, and only the whole nine years later. Also you do not say that all of them this time scripted, or waited when technologies grow to the level of their imagination. Everything is much simpler. Authors wanted to make a fast buck. What it is simpler than, the first part earned 200 million in world hire, the plot - is simpler than the soared turnip, and the three-dimensional format will allow to inflate ticket prices also. It I to what the Veda - the original was amusing, but no more. Not more ridiculously than “Garfield“ and it is not more original than “Doctor Dulittl“. Presence at a shot of pets who besides joke is simple, create any cool things and play spies - it is goods which sell itself(himself). Therefore it is possible to expect with a high probability, as Brad Peyton`s sequel will be amusing, lovely and fluffy so to master couple more of hundreds of millions for Universal Pictures studio. As for cash desk Russian, in view of absence of obvious competitors because twirled espionage “Solt“ and krovavo - brutal “Centurion“ are directed obviously to other audience, the second part of kotopesny history has quite good chances to get into the lead.

4. “Villain“ (Le vilain). Genre of this movie, strangely enough, comedy. Lately, hearing expression “the French comedy“, I shudder because this concept does not match at me in any way that recently the French film industry lets out. I remember Louis de Funessa, Pierre Richard, Burvil, Toto at once and, looking at silly grimaces of present “stars“, slowly but surely, I reach for the Off button on the panel. No, I against Albert Dupontel have nothing, I in general am poorly familiar with director`s works of this actor. Nevertheless, the intuition prompts to me that a story about the robber resisting together with the mother to the angry builder will not show thin sense of humour, and will become only one more tacks in a genre coffin. You can not agree and go to the cinema with my opinion. Believe, I will be sincerely glad to be mistaken.

We will sum up the results. As we see, fight for the viewer will be developed serious. On the one hand the engaged spy thriller with the beauty Angelina, with another British mochilovo “Centurion“, with the third - the family comedy about fluffy animals of “A cat against dogs“. From these three movies (I believe that you should not speak about insignificant chances of the French tape even) the greatest flow of visitors, most likely, will cause “Solt“ conducted by star Jolie. “Centurion“, owing to much more modest advertizing support, will hardly be able to compete even with the sequel “Cats against Dogs“. But the last will obviously choose all segment of “a family visit of cinema“, and it, understand, not so it is not enough.