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Flowers at an entrance. How to decorate a staircase?

“Here a main entrance …“ You Remember N. Nekrasov? Only, unfortunately, about our entrances it is so possible to tell infrequently. It is good if the on-door speakerphone installed on an entrance door allows to maintain purity on a staircase. But here it will definitely not add a cosiness. Only residents can take care of it - for example, to plant trees and shrubs in the entrance, at least a little! Agree, always cozier the house with flowers, than an empty stone ladder, though pure looks.

Perhaps, in high-rise multihome concerts it is not so actual - all the same residents in the majority move on the elevator, here will be to make a green corner only below, in the hall more pertinently if it is. And here for panel five-storey buildings of which in our cities and towns still it is enough placement of houseplants on landings will be by the way. If only residents reached agreement on this matter.

For normal existence plants need light and heat. If in the winter air temperature is not lower than 12 - 15 degrees here - it is normal. If from windows blows in all cracks, then it is possible to warm them by means of special sealants, as a last resort - to stick with paper strips. It is usually enough light from a window, but if in the winter several hours still burn fluorescent lamps - flowers will feel just remarkably.

What can be grown up at an entrance?

Yes practically all unpretentious houseplants, except for whimsical thermophilic tropikanets who also need rather high temperature of air in the winter. And shade-enduring - in general the ideal decision for any room.

Consciously we will not mention expensive types requiring constant attention and leaving. Let`s stop on the most widespread, checked by time and cultivation in various public places which and are not a pity for landing on the general ladder as pioneers of it socially - botanical experiment. So, the following plants will be suitable for life in the conditions of an entrance.

Krupnomera , growing in trees: abutilon, hibiscus, ficuses, fatskheder, monstera, some types of dragon trees.

More compact plants : aspidistra, different types of begonias, bilbergiya, dragon tree, kislitsa, koleus, cyperus, sansevieria, ferns, geranium.

Happens that windows on a staircase absolutely without window sills. Then it is better to adopt ampelous plants which can be placed on high racks and window sills or in wall cache-pots: tradescantia (practically all types), cissuses, chlorophytum, ivy, scindapsus, kamnelomka.

The tradescantia is so simple in cultivation and in leaving that even the beginning flower grower will cope with it on time. Give it only the damp soil - and you will not stop any more, will expand and please with the magnificent greens. And in general, even the soil is not necessary for it, it perfectly grows just in water - also perfectly clusters and does not rot at all.

The chlorophytum grows very quickly: it is enough to put in a pot of two - three young plants, and in several months the magnificent bush will grow, fills flower arrows on which ends young sockets picturesquely overhang. The usual chlorophytum always creates a remarkable decor in any place.

Perfectly the cissus feels in a cool and a penumbra of an entrance. Here to it it is very comfortable also during the winter period: the risk of defeat by wreckers and not so dry air as in the apartment - leaves do not dry out is less and are not showered. The same treats also other mentioned ampelous.

Various succulents will perfectly feel on well lit ladder also : cactuses, echeveriya, haworthias, crassulas, molochayny and others. In the winter they just need almost dry contents in a cool - it is without excess efforts we and we have at an entrance. Plants will be very grateful for a desired cool various coniferous : cypress, thujas, junipers and others.

I think, even these listed types will be enough with interest to start operation on gardening of a ladder.

How to look after?

in principle, anything difficult - the same all operations, as with house flowers: timely watering otstoyanny water of room temperature, top dressing in the spring and in the summer, periodic loosening of the soil. Only at the same time the main thing - not to forget that at an entrance air temperature is usually lower than room. In such conditions the earth dries up longer, so it is necessary to water less often. Otherwise remoistening of the soil in combination with low temperature can lead to rotting of roots and a disease or even death of plants.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, the main thing - desire of pleasant changes in an interior of the dwelling. And then the entrance will turn into the real cozy hall.