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Happy destiny: gift from above or test?

Happy destiny most often are represented the good luck which fell to lot of the person and favorable combination of circumstances. But only on the first - superficial and a glance.

Nobody will begin to argue with the fact that a course of life of the person and circumstance which it meets can be unequal for different people. But not only the frank luck and failure can differ. The happy destiny can be Razna also!

What it represents - undeserved luck or result of persistent work ? And what brings with itself - the great opportunities or the heavy responsibility?

Vital supervision demonstrate, apparently, that the happy destiny can be granted from above if the person anyway appeared is on a good footing with that force which connects, unites, fastens threads in fabric of live daily occurrence. But if it did not happen, the better lot it is possible to manage to deserve, earn, achieve finding of own happy destiny the aspirations, work, will.

The protest which causes “inequality“ of destiny, grumble on injustice becomes often main obstacle for this purpose . And the understanding that an opportunity to live own full-fledged, bright and rich life , to find the happy destiny, even if considerable the bigger price, than someone got it to another becomes the first, certainly, obligatory step to happy destiny, more important and more valuable to resolve attempts a question by equitable distribution of the benefits .

And ease and “not - a zasluzhennost“ happy destiny of other person usually deceptive, only seeming for the detached onlooker. Catherine II in the notes wrote that “happiness is not so blind as ordinary think. Frequent it is not that other as a result of the right and firm measures which are not noticed by crowd, but nevertheless prepared the known event. Even more often it happens result of manifestation of personal qualities, character, behavior. The first parcel - qualities and character, the second - behavior, a conclusion - happiness or misfortune“ .

The person in the life can be to a greater or lesser extent free . Depending on whether he learned the principles of internal freedom, whether has a support in own outlook and beliefs, whether it is capable to build the strong and steady building of the world, whether managed to surround itself with positive people, to get their support. Assistance of people around is often much more effective when is under construction by the principle “many a little“, but does not rely on total dependence of the few close people from each other. But to secure with it, it is necessary before to learn to share with other same small coins of the kind word, a smile, benevolent courtesy which fill up their moneyboxes of sincere forces and energy.

And, at first sight, more the difficult destiny can be and happier by the results! Difficulties are given to the person in order that it could comprehend what does not know yet, is not able. They are often much more effective, and even are irreplaceable for comprehension by the person of true wisdom, humanity, personal force and completeness.

Overcoming obstacles, the person overcomes himself! Also changes. Ease, luck can turn back barriers which will seem to the detached onlooker rather an a whim, than real problems, but to the person, strangely enough, will not allow to feel happy - without looking on any all the obvious benefits!

For this reason the view of happy destiny as on common cause and joint creativity of the person and his vital reality so strikingly differs from superstitious fear of it, fight or denial.

The same as earlier plane art thinking from idea of the picturesque prospect working wonders.