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Vagrancy of

Hello, my name is Ivan, I was born in the south of Russia. When I was born I had mother, the father and the brother.

The brother at me from other father, but mother at us one. All of us lived in the house, the father of my mother.

My mother and her father (my grandfather) had bad relationship and when I was 5 years old, to us the t was necessary to go to other city. to mother swore with the grandfather. We went to the Urals, there lived the sister of my mother, we arrived to them not that to live, and just on a visit, but on combination of circumstances the mother`s sister, was hospitalized, and she has a daughter, then still she was 9 years old, we had to remain to look after the daughter, still the aunt had a husband, but it worked and could not pull the daughter.

We stayed with the aunt of 9 months, mother worked, the father went on business trips (he was a long-distance truck driver) the brother studied at school, at us with it a difference in 9 years. When the aunt left hospital, we removed housing in the Urals, already got used to the city, the brother had new friends, school, mother worked us all arranged. We rented two-room apartment in one of districts of the city.

We removed it for three years, then the hostess decided to sell the apartment, and terms of congress put minimum.

A season on Zima Street, the father in business trip, mother one with two children, wanted to go to the aunt, but her husband did not let us.

He was the rare bastard. Mother through acquaintances found the apartment, for 2 months, for very big money for those times.

We removed, moving, me was necessary to change school, the apartment was on other end of the city, it was necessary on among a year, to come to new collective, I then studied in the 5th class.

The collective did not accept me. Every day there were fights. Mother works, at the brother the life began.

And the Father was gone for long time, near 3kh months were not it. And here suddenly called, told that we with mother packed things and went to Kemerovo, to his relatives, we arrived there, there in the village, he bought us the house, and left us there, itself went on business trips, I had to change school, and again new collective again. But there I was accepted. The father sent us money, but money was these a little, sometimes we had nothing to eat.

I at that time was 9 years old. There was a father, began to call us to Surgut, there he got a job, in the oil company.

We arrived there, there we removed a room, my father began to drink, with owners of the apartment, money was spent on drink, did not hire mother anywhere because there was no registration.

I have a new school again, At school I was not accepted as the status of my family was very low, children began to expel me from the society, Again every day there were fights, I was often beaten, there is no house of a booze, on mother of the person, from all this.

Constant shortage of money aggravated a situation. In one of shops I saw once, the automatic machine (Hvatayk)

Ya thought that if there is an automatic machine, it means it is possible to deceive him, weeks three I invented different ways of deception, from that to break plastic, to the stun gun. But one way worked.

by means of a hook pulled out all toys which lay on each side. There was one more way, it to beat pyezy of a lighter.

In such a way I pulled out all toys, and went them handed over in shops at the cheap price. In day on 250 rubles I brought net income.

I gave all money to mother, mother knew where I took them. But not what did not tell.

The father beat mother when got drunk. And we decided to buy train tickets to the Urals and to leave. All of us made it. Left at night.

Arrived to the Urals, lodged at the aunt, persuaded the husband that let for a month, mother got a job to work in shop, there got acquainted with the janitor.

At it mother died not so long ago and left it in inheritance 4kh the room apartment, garage, giving and money.

We lodged at it, the apartment was good at first, it had an illness, it collected newspaper bottles, metal, and then handed over all this. Dragged everything that is possible from a garbage can. In three months the apartment turned into a garbage can, boxes with bottles to a ceiling. Terrible smell.

At school at me of a problem, schoolmates know where I live. I am called the bum. Expel from Society.

I ceased to go to school, mother works. And I looked for what myself to borrow, at home was is not perhaps. I found in the apartment, gold which remained from mother of this janitor, a ring and several wedding rings, I was 11 years old, I went and handed over all this to the buyer.

for 1000 rubles, 1000 I spent this for sweets, entertainments, in 2 months mother learned about it, told that everything will tell the brother (and I very much was afraid of the brother, it since the childhood drove in me fear of it, humiliated, beat, it east nationality, the Korean) Well before fear that it is learned by the brother. I found tablets in a shifoner. Also drank them, and tablets were clonidine. In three hours I fainted before losing I confessed to mother to deeds, she called an ambulance in me filled in several buckets of water, and took away in the Turk for a week.

then mother took away me from there. having stayed houses 1 week, again it became boring for me, I went to deceive automatic machines a hvatayka, began to look for them in the city, found one of them on bus station, quickly cleaned it, sold toys in tent which traded in them. Shirked money. Well and such attacks happened every other day, then I was caught by the owner, gave a skin, threatened me.

At the station I got acquainted with homeless children, went to beg with them, the first time did not come home to spend the night.

When came, all shook mother, there arrived the brother and vlomit good........., two weeks I stayed at home.

Then went to the new friends again. Went begged. all money spent for night computer clubs.

When there passed night, there came morning we went to cellars, to heating mains. Full insanitary conditions. in the neighbourhood there live rats.

But it was pleasant to me. The house me was not 3 days. when came, mother white everything again, raves. The brother vlomit even more....... broke a hand.

I lay in plaster 2 weeks at home. The fact that I do not go to school it already in the nature of things mother tried to sit with me on occupations. But all uselessly I ran away.

Friends everything smelled glue, went on charitable dining rooms. on churches. There fed. We had the of the six.

To all of us was for 12 years. We lowered guilty. In something, wrote on them, or forced to do mint at an entrance.

so proceeded near 3kh months. Every other day we were taken away in a monkey house. I turned into the real moron.

Then I decided to earn money on large. saw gaming machines. Odnorukiya bandits

Ya thought if it gives money through an opening, then why not to close up it.

I closed up a hole from which patches plasticine pour, thereby 75% of a vyygrysh got stuck on plasticine.

So far the victim will find administration to learn in what business, I will just thrust the thin handle into an opening and I will take away patches.

But it to me there was a little, I also deceived people when someone waited for the bus, I suggested to teach to play on these automatic machines.

When the victim was interested, I suggested to thrust the note when people thrust for example 100 rubles, I included

a rate on 1 ruble, but said that on 10 rubles a rate, the victim pressed 10 times, then I pressed the rule button, the window, unclear for the victim, opened,

Ya said that type you lost.

Right there thrust 10 rubles, few times on nazhmat and removed 90 rubles. It became offensive for the victim it there was enough passion

and people so left 3 thousand, me in a pocket.

I began to smoke cigarettes parliament, began to dress well.

But home also did not come on weeks. I was often taken away in militia, there I caught louses, itch, militiamen forced me

to squat on 900 times, nearly an every day.

Over time to this craft I taught the friends. My friends worked at three stations in the city.

In day we had not a sickly sum. We divided money to me the most part got. I became a thunder-storm of young children and morons.

I spent money for computer clubs, and for candies. friends on glue and similar heresy.

February 13, 2005. I drank 2 bottles of beer. Miller. noted deception of the good sucker.

Decided to go with a gain home, began to swing me, intoxication. Without having reached the tram I fell in a snowdrift, people called an ambulance

Me took away in narcology, washed under cold water there, for the morning I learned that my mother had an attempt of a suicide. Hardly pumped out, put it in a mental hospital

For 3 months in a mental hospital. I then was 13 years old. I called to the brother, with a request to take away me, the brother wished that I died quicker that the nobility does not want me, and told what will give to doctors of money that pinned up me there.

Called to the aunt, the answer was identical. To take away me there is nobody, doctors about an etoa learned, transferred me to the second floor, in a children`s psychiatric hospital.

Where there were 100 people of full towns, at lattice windows, on the street do not let, do not allow to smoke, from 9 in the morning, till 8 in the evening, all sat in the hall, did not let in chambers. Every day for us watched reanimators under growth 2 meters.

The excess movement we were beaten with a lash. pricked preparations. From which it was very bad. in such conditions I spent 105 days, did not let out yet mother when she took away me, I fainted from air.

Here we learned that my grandfather in the south, at deaths door cancer, we arrived, and in 2 months my grandfather died, bequeathed a half of the house to my mother with the aunt, and other half the wife, stepmothers of my mother.

In a year we redeemed from it this half for 40 thousand dollars. Began to live here. Was a lot of things still. But now I am 18 years old.

I study in one of prestigious higher education institutions of the country. Here now we complete repair in the house. I am an excellent student, I receive diplomas from the mayor of Sochi.

Every month show on the TV as the outstanding student, took my photo now what to post on the federal website.

I never before wrote similar about myself. In general I am able to write stories not really. But you do not judge strictly.

Yours faithfully Ivan.