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The future of our children - a fence, a bottle and a glass...

for many years in our country proceed reduction “all free“. Not very long ago we could send the child to kindergarten, school and higher education institution absolutely on a grant basis. But the state, seemingly, cares not for children and not for their future, and about itself is exclusive. Rich officials so accept a corruption situation in the country that nobody is going to change anything, and even on the contrary, all only and is zhazhdit to aggravate current situation. These “birdies“ are fed as parrots in a cage... gradually, but quite often! To get to a destky garden it is necessary to give certain n - the ny sum of money to either the head of an ucherezhdeniye, or the person “X“ who as - is ready to carry out this procedure with minimum monetary “losses“.

It is also worth talking and about “pseudo - schools of development“ for small and not only. In circles invite children of a year to... years of eighteen. Quality of teaching is at so low level that hardly anyone - that will be able to call it “lessons“ more likely simple pumping out of money. Somehow time to me dropped out chance to get a job the music teacher in such school. And... everything became clear at once. They are not concerned by qualification... they will hire any who is able to knock on keys, they have constant problems with a set of teacher`s structure. Who wants to work for three and a half thousand a month! And of claims at parents it is full: “why so, why so?!“ Yes because pay “so“, here and “so“! And most - that strange that some parents everything are fabulous money if only their children “were formed“ are ready to pay. Again deception.

About higher education institutions and there is no wish to speak. Recently the state “showed a bit of generosity“ and declared distribution of “the educational credits“ in several higher education institutions of the country. That... the next opening of corrupt officials and here again conceived the place to be. The credit is calculated on 10 years, but... nobody cancelled percent. They though small, but are. And here the state will profit again. “At last talented entrants from remote places had a chance...“ ... to join the ranks.... debtors.

And if to reflect why everything went on such way of development why in Europe all on another why there think of people, and at us only use the words lightly “democracy“, “freedom of choice“...! Our children from the early childhood are accustomed that such situation is quite normal thing. And what which of them will grow up?! Patriots?! No, the same officials are corrupt officials. Or... if is not enough for parents for education of children neither means, nor mind, then you understand WHAT will turn out from these poor children!

False values are the main trouble of our country. Most of people thinks that only money is a true power. That... the state supports the occurring opinion and creates it. In total. Soon in the country nothing will be free. Seemingly, it is necessary to pay for air soon.

Schools - the only still free education in our country. But also it will be made paid soon. Promise that there will be a number of objects - obligatory, i.e. free, and, of course, parents if they do not wish that future their children of steel - a fence, a bottle and a glass should pay the main part.