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What to please the kid in hot day with? To stick together a snowman!

your child are capricious, refuses food, and you do not know how to please a small gourmet? You want to prepare an unusual dessert together?

I suggest you to stick together a snowman together. For certain after fascinating process the kid will want to try results of your joint creations. For this purpose will be required :

- 250 g of low-fat cottage cheese;

- 100 g of walnuts;

- 100 g of cream;

- vanillin - on a knife tip;

- cinnamon - 1 pinch;

- 1 tablespoon of lemon juice;

- ice cream;

- sugar to taste, icing sugar;

- 2 bags of coconut flakes;

- several highlights;

- carrots;

- apple.

To wipe cottage cheese through a sieve, to connect to cream, vanillin, sugar and cinnamon, to water with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, to mix carefully. Nuts small to chop or crush in the blender, to connect to curds. To mold a snowman: to roll two balls of the different sizes - the head and a trunk, four more it is less - extremities, to roll in all balls in icing sugar and to stick together them among themselves.

To make eyes of highlight quarters, a nose and a mouth - of carrots pieces. To attach buttons from raisin or any berries to a snowman trunk. To cut out a hat from a top of red apple.

On a flat plate an even layer to fill coconut flakes - it will be snow. To put a snowman on a plate, to strew on it icing sugar and coconut flakes. To spread out ice cream pieces in the form of snowdrifts. Your creation is ready.

One more option preparations of a snowman for which it is necessary:

- 250 g of cottage cheese;

- 2 bananas;

- 50 g of dried apricots;

- 2 tablespoons of condensed milk;

- 100 g of yogurt;

- vanillin - on a knife tip;

- icing sugar;

- 2 bags of coconut flakes;

- several berries for buttons;

- carrots pieces for a nose;

- ice cream.

Dried apricots to wash up, soak in boiled water within 30 minutes, to dry. Bananas to clear, crush in the blender together with dried apricots. To wipe cottage cheese through a sieve, to mix carefully with yogurt, vanillin and condensed milk, to add the crushed bananas and dried apricots. Everything is good to mix and mold a snowman as well as in the first way. To make eyes, a nose, a mouth and buttons, to decorate.

There is a wish to note that as eyes, buttons and a hat it is possible to use any products for which you will have enough imagination. The hat can be replaced with a helmet, for this purpose it is necessary to take a half of chocolate egg “the kinder-a surprise“. Or perhaps you want to manufacture the high cylinder of chocolate paste. It is possible to represent a cap on the head of your snowman in the form of a banana piece. As buttons blackcurrant, grains of pomegranate or pieces of raspberry can serve.

Near your snowman there can be his friends - it can be the snow Koloboks who are stuck together from the same curds with lovely mugs, the chocolate little men made of small candies of a suitable form. Perhaps, your kid himself will show the imagination and will suggest to add this cheerful company.

I think that this winter character will be to the taste to the little man, will lighten mood not only to it, but also you. Dream, you create together with the child. And appetite pleasant to you!