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Vera Vasilyeva: how the director Ivan Pyryev influenced career of the actress?

Vera Vasilyeva is always good both on a scene, and in life. It is clever, charming and fun-loving. The memorable voice of the actress with melodious intonations does not change over the years. However, in spite of the fact that it is “fashionable“ now, Vera Vasilyeva “washes the dirty linen at home“. So, when at it are interested in affairs in theater of Satire, answers equally simply: “I am loved here, as before. To me it is good here, it is my second house“ …

Sometimes in interview to journalists Vera Vasilyeva calls herself “Cinderella“ who turned suddenly into “princess“. And there is no wonder. When Verochka studied in theatrical school in Moscow, the assistant to the director Ivan Pyryev offered it a role of Siberian Nastya Gusenkova in the movie “Legend on the Earth Siberian“. Before Vasilyeva already managed to play a bit part comedy films “Twins“. And the moment of shootings did not make big impression on the young debutant. Pyryev invited Verochka to movie tests together with other contestants where she should play one of leading roles. Besides, such actors as Marina Ladynina, Vladimir Druzhnikov, Boris Andreyev, Ivan Ryzhov, Vladimir Zeldin and others had to act in the movie.

As Vera Vasilyeva remembered, all night long before shootings at their place nobody slept. All consulted in what to dress it before viewing. As a result it appeared before the director in a dress from blue silk, drawn by a wide belt, made up and with curly hair. Having seen bewilderment in the opinion of Pyryev, Verochka as she told then, “drooped at once and internally contracted“. But the director right there sent it to a make-up room where his assistants combed her curls, braided two braids, put on Nastenki`s suit.

Pyryev went around the heroine, deliberating something, then asked to bring him two stockings. According to Vera Vasilyeva, it, having rolled them in two lumps, put her them in a decollete. “With this breast, - later with a smile the actress spoke, - I began to resemble the pyshnogrudy woman with whom cover teapots“. So it was approved for Nastya Gusenkova`s role.

The movie “Legend on the Earth Siberian“ made a tremendous success, many actors were conferred Stalin awards. Among them there was also Vera Vasilyeva. In total actress played not less than 40 roles cinema.

The national actress of the Russian Federation Vera Vasilyeva has many awards. She considers as the most expensive of them the award “Crystal Turandot“ and the prize “For Honour and Advantage“ which it was awarded in 2010 during the scheduled All-Russian theater festival.

One of the leading actresses of theater of Satire Vera Vasilyeva was born on September 30, 1925. Some sources claim that she was born in der. Dry Stream of the Kalinin province. According to other data future actress was born in Moscow. Here what was written in the memoirs by Vera: “I was born in Moscow, on Kirov, in Bolshevistsky Lane. Now it is Myasnitskaya Street, and Gusyatnikov Lane … Near Pure ponds …“ In Vasilyev` family was four children, Verochka - the youngest of girls. Vera Kuzminichna always with warmth speaks about the parents. Despite their poverty, the family lived in peace and friendship, and all loved each other.

Somehow in the childhood it for the first time went to theater and was madly happy. “Then it seemed to me, - the actress told, - that I was included in some fairy tale. Since then I of anything did not dream any more, only of theater“. Verochka took from library of the book and magazines about theater, about actors. Came to a theatrical circle, chorus. But for a while it was necessary all dreams “to postpone“. World War II began. Mother with the little son and oldest daughters was in evacuation. In Moscow there was Verochka sottsy. By the beginning of war she graduated from school and went to plant where her father worked.

In 1943 Vera Vasilyeva became the student of theatrical school, and five years later - the actress of theater of Satire. The actress considers that the destiny often presented her gifts. You judge. The first performance “Lev Gurych Sinichkin“ in which Vasilyeva, and at once a leading role participated. Verochka in Lisa`s image was witty and cheerful, moved on the scene gracefully which is almost dancing gait. The heroine played by Vasilyeva pleased the audience.

And at the beginning of 50 - x years of last century the famous director Boris Ravenskikh decided to put the performance “Wedding with a Dowry“ in theater. Offered Vera Kuzminichna Olga Stepanova`s role. The plot is simple. Olga is the drummer of work, the foreman of collective farm. Her workmate on a scene, too the foreman, Maxim Orlov who was played by the actor Vladimir Ushakov who recently came to theater. Between crews there is a competition. Actors rehearsed the cheerful comedy with jokes and songs with pleasure, without reckoning with time. The audience accepted the play always with delight. As well as many actors, Vera Vasilyeva it was conferred the Stalin award.

In 1953 directors Boris Ravenskikh and Tatyana Lukashevich put the movie of the same name on the play “Wedding with a Dowry“. So it happened that the feelings played by actors Vladimir Ushakov and Vera Vasilyeva imperceptibly passed into the real life. Vladimir Petrovich fell in love with Verochka at first sight. He looked after her nearly three years before she agreed to marry it. Sometimes about it the actress jokes: “We have one theater, one two-room apartment and long general life for two …“

At Vera Kuzminichna have not enough negative roles. But the actress plays each heroine with love, somehow very carefully and touchingly. The audience well knows its roles in the performances “Mad Day, or Figaro`s Marriage“ (countess), “Auditor“ (Anna Andreevna), “Talents and admirers“ (Platonovn`s Blast furnace) and others. Vera Vasilyeva was left absolutely without roles more than once or played tiny episodes, but never lost courage. “My profession is able to torment, - the actress tells, is as one-way love. It is heavy to live with feeling of the leaving life …“ When to it it was especially difficult

, she looked for work out of native theater. So, it played nearly 12 years the landowner Ranevskaya in “The Cherry Orchard“ on a scene of drama theater in Tver. Later the chief director of the Oryol theater offered Vasilyeva a role of the actress Kruchinina in the performance “Guilty though guiltless“. With success Vera Kuzminichna played Mrs. Sevidzh directed by “Strange Mrs. Sevidzh“ in puppet theater of S. Obraztsov.

Vera Vasilyeva, as she speaks about it, “feels age on those roles which she plays“. And right there adds that “in soul at me there lives a girl who still is surprised, really I am an actress? Unless it not happiness …“