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Who created “Circus du Solia“?

Describing success stories, it is impossible to pass by the great inventor Gui Laliberte and his Circus the Sun. One name of what costs - “Cirque du Soleil“ - “Circus of the Sun“! In this name - brightness of stars, heat and a smile, plus uncontrollable imaginations and universal ambitions of the person who composed all this.

the Beginning

Gui Laliberte was born

on September 2, 1959 in Quebec, the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. To a pit of the beginnings in 14 years, acting on streets of the hometown - swallowed of fire, went on stilts, played an accordion.

In 18 years threw college and went to tours with troupe of vagrant circus actors. Visited the half-world. Kept the best impressions about the Hawaiian Islands and France.

Circus of the Sun - the birth

Having returned to Canada, Gui Laliberte instead of fantastic riches brought a bag of mad ideas and experience of the organizer of circus representations.

Here it finds adherents among childhood friends. This is the owner of the consulting company Danijel Gaultier and the street circus actor Gilles Seong - Krua. Together they develop the concept of new circus and make the plan of its realization.

It is a pity, the legend of the birth of Circus of the Sun holds back a name of the municipal official which the young “glotatel of fire“ asked for the help. The passionate speech Laliberte convinced him that there will pass not enough time, and the new circus will become the hallmark of Canada, on an equal basis with a maple leaf and hockey.

The authorities of Montreal (the capital of the Province of Quebec) met requirements of self-confident “fakir“ and allocated the sum necessary for statement of a performance in honor of 450 - the anniversaries of discovery of Canada. So in 1984 created to year the Cirque du Soleil company . Circus of the Sun - formation

Not all was cloudless

in destiny of young circus. After successful performances in all large cities of Canada the representation failure in the chapiteau constructed near Niagara Falls followed. Tourists preferred to enjoy beauty of the nature, ignoring advertizing of unknown show. The circus of the Sun nearly burned through.

The trip on a circus festival to the USA was full adventure also. In case of a failure the troupe did not have money even on a way back. However here the Circus of the Sun expected dizzy success and attention of serious investors.

In 90 - e years Laliberte travels much, studying circus art of the different countries and the people. Over time, experience became a basis of the majority of performances.

“- When you came up with idea to connect art of circus and business? In your building in Montreal training platforms directly - are bound with offices.

- Twenty five years ago. We understood practically at once that we can live at the expense of our circus, and initially intended to extend, regularly releasing new representations. And we, heads, and actors have to understand that not only entertainment, is business. Of course, at first it was necessary to sweat, it was hard. But already three years later after the basis, in 1987, we had great success in Los - Andzheles, and since then we are quite successful - both as actors, and as managers“.

Circus of the Sun - special signs

Gui Laliberte say About a child that it is the only circus where do not torment animals. Really, all animals in representation are represented by people. Except moral satisfaction, it brings to the company essential material and media support of Green Party.

The scenic platform of Circus of the Sun is the arena turned inside out. The audience is below the main scene. Actors fall or go down from above, appear from the confused system of labyrinths and hatches. Having played the role, are imperceptibly dissolved in artificial fog or among numerous scenery.

Main difference of Circus of the Sun: any representation is an integral performance with a uniform dramaturgic basis. Numbers smoothly flow one in another, without destroying the general atmosphere of a show.

On an equal basis with fascinating and risky circus numbers, the leading role in the organization of action belongs to music, color and light registration. Such extremely - beautiful suits and scenery you will not see any more anywhere. With success technical novelties are used, many of which are obliged by the emergence to “a creative office“ of the company where Gui Laliberte brings together the 7 - 8 close friends for joint creativity.

So, the audience of the “Eurovision“ passing in Moscow was struck with “the flying pools“.

Circus of the Sun in figures

the Main office of the company was constructed by

on the suburb of Montreal. It is yellow - the blue building of 18 600 square meters. Height of ceilings of the big training hall - 23 meters.

The annual income from performances - 810 million dollars.

The equipment during tours transports 71 trailers.

Representations of Circus of the Sun looked at 80 000 000 people.

Fabric for the main tent weighs more than 5 tons.

For new actors the company annually spends 45 million dollars for a casting.

“… my brain. It is so arranged that it is at the same time ground both on business, and on creativity. Usually as happens: or you are a good businessman, but it is weak as creative unit, or you are a creator, but very bad businessman. I found balance between commerce and art. Well and the second: I am able to find the correct people from whom the excellent team turns out, and, therefore, projects of any complexity are successful“. our

- everywhere!

Some scenographic and dramaturgic receptions Gui Laliberte “spotted“

at famous “Actors“. With their founder and the ideological inspirer Vyacheslav Polunin Gui made friends in St. Petersburg. Nearly a year “Actors“ participated in one of representations of Circus of the Sun.

In general, in Cirque du Soleil there are a lot of natives of the former USSR. Except circus actors, it is the famous athletes and musicians.

The invitation to participate in performances of a season of 2011 was received by Ksenia Simonova. It “sand animation“ won 1 - e the place in the television show “Ukra§na Ma ? Talent“ and received numerous admirers thanks to the Internet.

Personal awards Gui Laliberte

of 1997 - the gentleman of the National Award of Quebec.

2001 - the Honourable resident Montreal.

2004 - the Award of Canada (the highest award of the country).

2004. - the Time magazine called Laliberte in number 100 of the most influential people in the world.

2008 - honourable doctor`s degree of University of Laval.

Not less considerable can consider an award in 2,5 billion dollars of private means.

Still a big award - five children adoring the father - the clown.

Besides, Gui Laliberte - one of the most famous players in the poker which is regularly taking part in the international competitions.

the Star clown

B Gui Laliberte gave 2009 a unique gift to the 50 - to the anniversary and 25 - mu to birthday of Circus of the Sun.

On September 30 it became 7 - m on the account the space tourist. From a board ISS (International Space Station) Laliberte carried out 2 - x the hour world show “Shift Stars and Earth for the sake of Water“ devoted to the running low water sources on Earth. U2, Shakira, Pieter Gabriel, Salma Hayek, Albert Gore took part in show.

“The water subject - a source of life captured me , - noted Gui Laliberte during a live broadcast from an ISS board. - When a few years ago I learned that each eight seconds on the planet the child from - for a lack of drinking water perishes, I understood that it is necessary to work“ .

* * *

All who were lucky to visit performances of Circus du Solia, speak about feeling of the holiday and entire happiness which is given rise by imaginations great Gui Laliberte and his teams.