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The unique image is necessary? Beach bag the hands!

What girl do not dream to look so that paid attention to her! And to look bright, but it is not vulgar, and is natural, refined also with taste. A lot of things depend on your ability to choose a dress, how it approaches your figure, from color, material and a style of clothes. For end of an image various accessories are offered ladies: pendents, suspension brackets, bracelets, brooches.

With what to decorate itself, going to the beach? There especially there is a wish to look attractively, fashionably and stylishly. Certainly, the beautiful bathing suit will make the business, however there is a wish still for some highlight, something special. The answer is. It is a beach bag!

Really, the bag already very long time is the main accessory of the woman. She emphasizes style, discloses character of the owner. So why not to decorate itself with an interesting beach bag, such what anybody does not have. I suggest to connect it independently! It is possible to use the yarn remains that you have near at hand. Will be ideally suited not a woolen, but cotton or acrylic yarn. It is desirable that it were bright summer coloring.

That the bag matched quickly and easily that at the same time it was original and convenient, it is possible to make it a round form. For this purpose you will need to connect two flat circles of desirable diameter, long, not really wide cloth which will serve as a bottom and at the same time a bag strap. The lightning and a little matter for a pad are already according to your desire.

We will knit a hook, such works always strike with the lightness, admire with ease and an azhurnost. There is even an opinion that the products made a hook have more romantic shape, than connected by spokes.

So, we take a yarn, a hook of the corresponding size in hand and we begin to make a bag. Be defined what type of loops you will knit. Connect several air loops, close them in a ring by means of a connecting loop. If you knit columns without nakid - a provyazhita in a ring of 6 columns. If you knit columns with nakidy - 12 columns if with two or three nakida - 16 or 20 columns respectively, in a ring.

When knitting each subsequent circle without nakid it is necessary to add evenly 6 columns among. And for columns with nakidy evenly add 12, 16 or 20 loops, depending on quantity of nakid.

By the way, it is not obligatory to knit only columns with nakidy or without them at all. It is possible to choose also more interesting patterns , for example, such: one column with nakidy, an air loop to pass one loop of the previous row; a column with nakidy, an air loop to pass one loop of the previous row.

To provyazat the following row columns without nakid, and then - again: column with nakidy, an air loop to pass one loop of the previous row and so on. It is possible not to provyazyvat a row columns without nakid, and to continue the begun pattern. In that case at you the drawing reminding a setochka or a lattice will turn out.

Through 5 - 7 rows, depending on the desirable size of a bag, make change of flowers of a yarn. The last of 1 - 2 row to a provyazhita it is more dense - columns without nakid.

Now we will start knitting of the bottom and strap . It is necessary to connect end-to-end by columns without nakid a long narrow cloth in the form of a tape, 5 - 8 cm wide. To attach the turned-out tape to both circles, having left untouched that part where there will be an opening. Other part will serve as a strap to hold a bag in hand or to carry on a shoulder.

At desire it is possible to sew a lightning of some bright color in a bag. That the lock did not delay the top part of a product, provyazhit 2 - 3 rows columns without nakid or with nakidy that part of a circle where there will pass the lightning. It is also recommended to sew and a pad. It is necessary in order that the bag was not deformed when using from contents and had more esthetic appearance.

There now and all. Your bag is ready! It is possible to go to the beach!

I hope, knitting will give you joy, and you will be satisfied with the received result. You got rid of unnecessary hanks of a yarn, got not just capacious bag, but an interesting accessory which will be in harmony with your bathing suit, of whatever coloring it was!

It is sure, the bag made with own hands not just will decorate you, but also will give to your beach image of charm, refinement or missing brightness. Let it serve you wonderfully well, is pleasing to your eye, attracts to you delighted looks of men and a little envious - women. Successful beach rest!