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Care of dry head skin and hair.

dry dandruff is characteristic Of dry head skin . How to look after such hair? In - the first, special procedure of a washing of hair is necessary. It is necessary to protect hair from the water pressure upon internal walls of a hair - during washing of hair, water gets into inside layers of a hair, holds apart walls therefore they lose texture, inflate, in a consequence cause difficulties with combing. It is a situation well familiar to blondes, and also to people at whom the dry and splitting hair. There are two ways of protection of hair against effect of water.

The first is to apply a mask on dry dirty hair before washing. The mask can be put with hands, as usual, or a brush for paint, accurately “painting over“ each lock, the mask is not applied on head skin as skin dirty. When drawing a mask each lock is carefully ironed by hands, trying to obtain smoothness and uniformity of texture that fingers freely passed through a lock. You apply on all structure of hair if you have short hair or average length if you have long hair, then you apply only on the damaged parts. Further, we start a washing of hair. At dry head skin water temperature has to be 45 - 50 degrees. At first wet hair and slightly wash away a mask, then wash up hair with dry hair shampoo two times. At the first washing we wash away dust, dirt and the remains of laying funds from hair, we do not carry out at all massage that pollution did not get to inside layers of skin. We carry out the second washing with the clearing massage of head skin. Excess water from hair should be wrung out in the direction of scales, that is by the ends of hair. If after washing at you hair badly comb hair, means with a preliminary mask it is necessary to sit longer, at most 30 minutes if at the same time to put on a hat for a shower and to wrap up hair with a towel, effect increase twice. It is recommended to wash with the described way the head every time if hair are strongly injured. In process of restoration procedure can be carried out as prevention.

The second way of leaving - drawing a mask for dry head skin and hair directly after washing. The mask is put according to the scheme described above both on hair and on head skin. After you sustained time specified on packing with a mask or 15 - 20 minutes for house masks, carry out emulsification - pour over the head water and shake up fingers. This procedure will increase absorbency of a preparation. Wash away a mask without shampoo.

At dry head skin massage as it promotes development of a sebaceous gland is very shown and revitalizes skin, moving its state is closer to normal type.