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How to look after fat head skin and hair.

Fat head skin as a rule appear during the teenage period when sebaceous glands begin to work actively. Fat skin can be defined by a tissue paper or a thin napkin - for the second day after washing apply a paper piece to head skin if it fat that on paper remains the fat print which is well looked through on light. In certain cases the greasy luster can appear in 5 - 6 hours after washing. In most cases fat head skin, the head becomes soiled for the second day after washing …

Fat head skin and dandruff promote a hair loss. It occurs from - for the fact that the skin fat emitted by sebaceous glands envelops dead scales of epidermis, forming a film and closing access of oxygen to roots of hair. It causes asphyxia and loss of a hair.

At fat head skin fat dandruff is characteristic. How to define you have a dandruff or not? Scratch a nail head skin if you have a dandruff that under a nail slightly fat grayish weight is formed. In more detail about dandruff to look here.

Washing of the head Shampoo has to be surely picked up by

for head skin type, in this case it is obligatory to use fat head skin shampoo. Clarifications of fat head skin surely has to be soft as frequent washing of hair (and at fat head skin it is inevitable) the aggressive clearing components will promote a hard work of sebaceous glands, skin will seek to restore the washed-away protective hydrolipidic film. The vicious circle turns out: you consider that you well washed up the head, and it is soiled even quicker. The soft washing basis is not cheap therefore it seldom meets in mass shampoos, pay the attention to shampoos of professional brands.

In the course of washing it is not recommended to do massage of the head as it promotes activation of work of sebaceous glands. Massage should be carried out only when using special preparations, about it below. It is better to wash the head in the morning as during a dream of people turns, pressure upon hair and head skin is carried out, provoking release of fat.

The technology of washing mytyadlya washing of fat head skin and hair is very important

of the Technician water temperature, it has to be no more than 36 degrees, it is better if it is cool, but comfortable. Hot water, irritating receptors promotes work of sebaceous glands. At the first washing you should not touch head skin, to massage it as you will just rub dirt, dust and the remains of laying means which shampoo washed away from hair directly in head skin. Fat head skin as a rule happens inflamed, on it there can be wounds, inflammations, an itch therefore it is very important to clear it correctly, without injuring. At the second washing it is possible to make very light clearing massage, aiming to wash away excess of skin fat and pollution from skin, having allowed it “to breathe“.

After washing we put means for fat skin, we pound fingers from the periphery to the center for absorption. This type of massage is shown as it increases blood circulation in head skin and helps to deliver useful substances to roots of hair. Massage is carried out from 3 to 20 minutes, since heavy traffics from the periphery to cent and finishing with the easy calming movements. It is important not to rub skin, and to displace it concerning a skull. It is necessary to finish massage with easy pats by small pillows of fingers from the periphery to the center.

Secrets of maintenance of freshness at fat head skin.

- do masks for fat head skin.

- regularly wash hairbrushes which you use.

- often change a pillowcase of a pillow on which you sleep as fat about a hair which remained on a pillow if you slept with dirty hair, will get on clean hair if you go to bed with the clean head.

- It is better not to dry fat head skin the hair dryer at all, but if it is inevitable, then when drying use low temperatures and try not to direct a stream of hot air directly to skin.

- Wash the head as often as it is necessary, you should not go with dirty hair only because in the standard opinion it is frequent to wash the head harmfully.

- Correctly picked up shampoo and leaving will help to wash the head less often to you. Try different shampoos and ukhoda you will not find yet what will help you to wash the head less often.

- Very conveniently at fat head skin to have a short hairstyle as it is simpler to wash and dry short hair. But also long hair have advantages - long hair can be collected in a tail (if you have a bang, it is possible to wash only it), it is possible to braid hair to spits, bunches fashionable recently. Also, to hide the polluted roots of hair, it is possible to use ordinary rims and rims - elastic bands. Experiment and find option which will suit you.

- Try dry shampoo, and, it is necessary to pick up qualitative dry shampoo as the bolshistvo of products in this market is done by dirty hair after use even dirtier.

- If you cannot wash the head, for example on the way, then right in front of the road it is possible to make the mask reducing release of skin fat. On the way it is possible to try to use the following structure for cleaning of hair - mix one part of shampoo and four parts of water. Fill in structure in the container with spray, it is important that spray was sprayed by very small

droplets. Spray hair or roots of hair (if you have long hair) and you vyterit dry a towel or napkins.

- Hair-dyeing and a chemical wave dries head skin therefore these procedures are recommended for fat head skin and hair.