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How to choose the hair dryer?

are presented At the market a large number of models of hair dryers. Many girls seek to buy the “professional“ hair dryer, considering that the models created for professionals, better. This delusion. Of course, the good professional model will be better bad usual.

Professional models are developed proceeding from the fact that the master will use the hair dryer full time, that is the hair dryer has to maintain work of 8 - 10 hours every day. Besides, hair of clients absolutely different therefore the professional model has to have 2 - 3 temperature conditions and 2 - 3 powers of an obduv. Additional opportunities include the mode of a cold obduv and various nozzles. If you do not take all advantages of professional model, then you should not buy it as on masses - a market there are models the having many advantages of professional models.

For a start we will be defined for what you need the hair dryer. If you use it just to dry up hair, then it is expedient to choose the most powerful hair dryer with one nozzle - the concentrator; if you have fine hair, then also the low-power hair dryer will approach. If you want to dry and set hair, then choose model with several speeds and the thermal modes (high - for preliminary drying, average - for laying and the mode of cold air - for laying fixing).

If you use the hair dryer for drying and laying of chemically curled hair, then models with a diffusion nozzle will be suitable for these purposes. The diffusion nozzle represents a disk with a diameter of 10 - 15 cm with the surface equipped with the rounded-off “fingers“. The nozzle is intended for laying of a curly hair and hair with a chemical wave. The “fingers“ located on a disk can be various length, repeating a head relief. “Fingers“, as a rule, have the rounded-off form, they hollow and have openings on length, thus, dispersion of a hot stream, the direction it on ringlets, but not on head skin is created.

For short hair hair stylers which at the same time both dry are created, and set hair, give to a hairdress volume. For creation of ringlets there are air electrobrushes with supply of hot air with power no more than 200 W, such models are, as a rule, completed by two - three types of nozzles.

Generally hair dryers with power from 1000 to 2000 W are issued. Big power of the hair dryer assumes better laying, but short hairstyles usually do not demand the hair dryer of big power. Advantage of high-power devices is that the stronger having blown, the less there can be temperature. Hair after a chemical wave, and also weak or thin you should not stack in the hot mode, for such hair choose models with several thermal modes.

Upon purchase of the hair dryer pay attention to that the hair dryer was convenient to be held in hand that at rotation of the hair dryer the wire did not twist that switch buttons that the hair dryer was not really noisy and not really heavy were conveniently located. It is also convenient if on the hair dryer there is a loop for suspension.

Pay attention to presence at the filter hair dryer. The hair dryer works by the principle of the vacuum cleaner, sucking in air. Together with air it can suck in hair, dust, small dirt. If the hair dryer has no filter, it can cause an overheat, and the device can fuse. Therefore give the choice to the hair dryer with the filter, readily available for cleaning. Also there are models which are automatically disconnected at achievement by the hair dryer of critical temperature.


Cheap models of hair dryers use metal or plastic heating elements which disseminate positively charged ions. Neutral scales of a hair, receiving a positive charge, reveal, the hair becomes dim, twists.

Many modern models of hair dryers are equipped with ionization function. It works as follows: molecules of water are split so that they easily get into a cuticle and roots of hair and in addition humidify them that does hair healthier and brilliant. Also ionization is urged to fight against negative impact of positive ions on hair, sending on them a stream of negative, neutralizing them. Negatively charged ions smooth scales and reduce the level of static electricity. Hair dryers with ionizers dry hair quicker and electrizations interfere.


Tourist`s crimson technology appeared in the market recently. It allows to make positively charged ions in much bigger quantity. Such hair dryers are capable to dry up your hair 70% faster and to make hair smooth and brilliant.

For creation of volume on hair of average length and long begin with

of the Technician of drying of hair drying, having bent the head down and having lowered hair. Shake up hair fingers against the direction of growth and vigorously direct a current of air in different directions. When hair dry half, raise the head and give to laying the necessary form. Short hair at first brush by means of the hair dryer, and then you will tousle a brush against growth of hair, having bent the head forward. When drying and laying you hold the hair dryer so that the stream of air went from roots of hair by the ends. At such drying of a scale of a hair lay down correctly and the hair gains gloss. Also do not bring closer the hair dryer too close to the head, the optimum distance - not less than 20 cm

One of the last inventions for a hair straightening is a hair dryer with special nippers which zashchiplyat hair as small irons, allowing to dry and straighten hair at the same time.

the question Price

the Cost of the hair dryer depends on the producer and a complete set. The cost of the simplest models fluctuates around 230-1000 rubles. The cost of models with several speeds of an obduv and temperature conditions of 520-2700 rubles. Price of hair stylers of 270-2300 rubles. Hair dryers with tourist`s crimson technology are still presented badly at the Russian market, the price of such hair dryer will be around 2500-3500 rubles.

Upon purchase of the hair dryer pay attention how many makes a warranty period.