Rus Articles Journal

To you, the average Russian woman who is online now!

Hi from “old women“!

Yes, yes, I the old woman will call myself easily, me already under a fifty-kopeck piece too! And it is easy just because that I do not consider myself at all! And there is a lot of us here on the website, on other websites of female subject. We are the center of such tusna on the Internet! It around our publications, romantic stories and articles everything spins! I do not exaggerate our role, but also I will allow to belittle to nobody! I to advertize us now and I will protect!

Because in the majority, it we also create these websites!

From where we such nimble and fleet?

And from there, from the past, from the seventieth and eightieth when you, little girls, at us were only born! We study at you to life now, we study how it is correct to put on, do a make-up, skillfully covering ours, goodness knows where from appeared, wrinkles.

Earlier we bought the fondant made of some shit Gipsies in transitions have a subway and at visiting Poles from their huge suitcases filled poisonous color by shadows and ink with fibers of different color.

Us now grandsons call it not grandmothers, and just by name - Lena, Katya, Tanya …. Why? At all not because movies American saw enough. But because their grandmothers climb through fences on the road; listen to fate, with bated breath from memoirs; drive cars; do not sit in parks astride benches with a can of beer, and drink exclusively dry red expensive wine …. Because even more often men of almost your generation, but not age-mates in the majority lost in modern life and who lowered hands are interested in us; because we wear dresses of milkmaids, not print with large roses, and we afford fashionable jeans and short T-shirts, and our skirts not of a form extended year, and absolutely even on the contrary at all; and we do not look for cheaper in the market, and we work so many that we are already able to afford to tell that shopping - our hobby, hobby.

And still we forgot how to stick together nail varnish a film on the huge reel of the tape recorder, and directly the bed has an audio system, and a row scattered disks from darling (by the way, and you now) by music …. Nail varnish, appears, is necessary only for nails, and we in youth to them still stopped “paths“ on tights …. And you became impudent before that you throw out them after the first campaign on a visit now.

We do not respect horror films and a porno because we it “ gorged on “ then - the first video that to us was offered on cartridges weight with a kilogram, was about it. Therefore, now we prefer to create the and about ourselves for a home video. We never carried convenient footwear, and bought that we “gave“ irrespective of the size, color and quality. “Our“ shoes were made not of plastic, not of iron …. Or then animals had such skin? Only our legs want to have a rest in fashionable sneakers, hairpins with a convenient block or shoes weighing hundred grams now ….

Also it is not necessary to askance at us for the fact that we “Oho what expensive suit!“ bought, and a handbag “Nothing to themselves, from such cool boutique!“

It we carried to you from the first business trips abroad yogurts and pants, and to your fathers - beer packings. We stood on the markets with striped Chinese bags that to sell everything, and to leave the best to you. It we torment the body with diets and fitness (and then we give the recipes at forums in a network) that we were taken on the street for sisters, and any goat did not call opposite “ woman “! And what fool cleaned from our language such fine and bezvozrastny “ madam “ and “ young lady “?!

We do a fashionable hair. We read modern writers, but we remember by heart those, the (by the way, your darlings too)! Harry Potter we will tell grandsons word for word. We are not afraid to speak about anything and to anybody because shut us mouths everywhere earlier, and we read and discussed plenums of the Central Committee and congresses of communist party. We do not think how to pull out the will at aged ancestors on the apartment in the downtown. In general, it not strongly concerns us - we can give the apartment also to you, and we will do a bit of traveling to the city from the distant suburb or we will remove housing - we already understood that walls - not the main thing. Especially, we have a car, and ourselves - driving!

We rescue your fathers from alcoholism. Our purse always lies in the place, available to all family. We do not interfere with your private life because, at last, we had the.

We go on cemeteries to the parents and grandmothers - grandfathers, and you have no time all the time. And we think sometimes whether someone from you will look after our last residence ….

It you ask us at forums the question “What to Do to Me“? And we answer them, and you arrive exactly as we advised, proceeding from the life experience.

And we in a network on “you“! Thank God, you recognize!

And to us it is interesting who such treyser and that such flashmob....

We have always cheerful, optimistic NICKNAMES - the Violet, the Forget-me-not, the Beauty, Smeyana, the Princess not that yours - YoPRST29 or ZhPChShTs1729!

We write it and we read verses, and did not reach you yet that in a rhyme, though it is heavier, but much more interestingly and more capaciously it is possible to tell about us, WOMEN! Because, we live under one laws - music, poetry and love!

More cheerfully, little girls! Life only begins! Yes, yes, and at you too!

Your mothers!

No! Your girlfriends!

And I, Vesnyanka.