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Caviar overseas... aubergine! What to prepare from “blue“?

Already and August, the last month of summer, so, are time preparations for the winter.

My grandmother always spoke: “You do not potopat summer, fall - you do not polopat in the winter“. I was awfully amused by such formulation. However a grandmother`s advice was always useful, however, as well as its recipes of any pickles and cookings which are so good in the winter.

Very opportunely during the winter period preparations from eggplants have. Each hostess has secrets of their preparation. Even usual eggplant caviar at all turns out different. Only preparation of caviar takes in the usual way a lot of time. It is necessary to cut the whole heap of vegetables!

I Suggest to taste grandmother`s

Caviar from the baked vegetables

This way is simple and relieves of long process of cutting.

Calculation of products:

On one kilogram of eggplants the half a kilo of carrots, paprika half a kilo, one large head of garlic, a small bunch of fennel undertakes. Salt and black pepper to taste.

All vegetables, except garlic and greens, wash, eggplants - if they large - have to be cut in half or on four parts and to remove seeds. To peel carrots of a thin skin, and paprika - of seeds and fruit stems. To lay all vegetables on a baking sheet and to bake to readiness in an oven.

Vegetables to pass Zapechenye to softness via the meat grinder and slightly to pripustit the turned-out weight on a small amount of vegetable oil. Right at the end to add the crushed garlic and small cut fennel greens. If caviar prepares for rolling in banks, then banks need to be prepared in advance, to lay in them caviar hot and to roll up. It is enough to sterilize banks before use. The rolled-up banks with caviar need to be turned bottoms up and to cover with a towel. The caviar made in such a way is very good on taste and contains the minimum quantity of oil.

If on your seasonal dacha small baklazhanchik were born - you do not hurry to be upset. Just such here kids very much are suitable for a farshirovaniye.

the Stuffed eggplants

Three - four large carrots, two large bulbs, three - four paprikas (it is desirable different flowers, it will turn out more beautiful). One head of garlic of average size, coriander greens (cilantro), a sugar teaspoon, salt, black pepper to taste, coriander seeds, black soy sauce, vinegar.

Carrots are cut by small straws or sliced on a special grater (as for the Korean salad), it develops in a bowl and fall down sugar. It is necessary to mix it hands and to rumple a little. Paprika and onions to cut

in small cubes and to pripustit on a small amount of vegetable oil. To allow to cool down and attach a little to carrots. To add the crushed garlic, the cut coriander greens, the coriander seeds which are previously crushed in a mortar to fill with soy sauce, vinegar, to salt and pepper to taste. For those who love ostrenky - it is possible to add chili powder.

The turned-out “salad“ is put aside aside. It is possible to try, but you should not be fond, otherwise there will be nothing to stuff our baklazhanchik - babies.

In a pan we boil the added some salt water. At baklazhanchik we cut off fruit stems, we cut them in half approximately on two thirds of length. We lower baklazhanchik in the boiling water literally on two - three minutes, then we take out them on a colander and we allow to flow down. As excess liquid will flow down and baklazhanchik will cool down, it is necessary to remove with a teaspoon from them seeds and to fill in advance made “salad“.

The ready filled baklazhanchik densely keep within a pan layers. Between layers of eggplants bay leaf and peas of black pepper is put. Some tie up the stuffed eggplants threads, but even without it eggplants perfectly keep a form.

We prepare a brine:

On water liter - a tablespoon with a hill of salt, vinegar of 7% - 3 - 4 tablespoons. We bring water to boiling, we dissolve in it salt, we remove from fire, we pour in vinegar and we fill in with the turned-out brine our baklazhnchik, and from above we cover with a plate and we put oppression.

We leave our baklazhanchik for days - others at the room temperature. After eggplants will be salted to readiness, it is necessary to store them in the refrigerator.

For fans of aubergine delicacies it is possible to recommend several recipes which are not demanding conservation. Very beautifully “cake“ looks on a table

- snack from eggplants

needs to take

For preparation of such “cake“ several eggplants, a bunch of fresh fennel, greens of a basil and garlic. It is better to take eggplants dlinnenky and thin.

We cut off at eggplants of a fruit stem and we cut circles thickness in half-centimeter. We presoak the cut eggplants for 20 - 30 minutes in salty water, and meanwhile we cook sauce with which we will coat our “cake“.

For sauce a glass of dense sour cream needs to be shaken up the fork with the crushed garlic which is small cut by greens and salt.

We take out eggplants from water on a colander or a sieve and as water will flow down, we fry circles in oil on both sides, spreading on a paper towel to remove surplus of oil. Then we display circles on a flat plate layers. We coat each layer smetanno - garlick sauce. The latest, top layer can be made figured, having let out smetanny weight from the confectionery syringe and to decorate with greens.

Salad from an eggplant on - Korean

is required to

For preparation of such salatik the 5th average size of eggplants, three - four fresh cucumbers, one large carrots, one large red paprika, one large bulb and one head of garlic of average size, greens of fennel and a coriander (cilantro), a half of a teaspoon of sugar, two - three tablespoons of soy sauce, one pod of red burning pepper or ground pepper. Salt to taste.

To cut eggplants long segments and to lower them for a couple of minutes in the boiling salty water. To cast away on a sieve or a colander that water flew down, and meanwhile to cut thin straws carrots, paprika and cucumbers.

To cut a bulb in small cubes and to pripustit on a small amount of vegetable oil till yellowish color. To mix eggplants with other vegetables, to add sugar, the crushed garlic, small cut greens and other seasonings, to salt to taste and to allow salad to be drawn a couple of hours.

Such salad can be cooked also with addition of boiled beef which needs to be cut straws and to add to other ingredients.