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What summer pies can be made?

the mass of opportunities is given in the Summer to diversify house pastries. I Want to offer

ideas on preparation of pies, cakes and cakes with use of various berries and fruit.

Very beautifully the cake with red currant looks. For it make shortcake dough according to the favourite recipe, bake it, and then lay out from above red currant and fill in jelly.

And here very interesting recipe - plums cakes. It is necessary to make shortcake dough with addition of a fried filbert. And then to lay out one pack of squared shortcake on a form, over cookies - to lay out dough, to lay plums on dough a section down. Also bake, and then cut squares and strew with icing sugar.

And what tasty pies turn out with different berries. For example, raspberry pie. Make flour dough, eggs, sugar and the softened butter. Then roll in the form of flat cake and lay in a form, having made sides. From above lay out berries, and fill in with the sour cream mixed with eggs and sugar.

Or make pie cottage cheese with cherries. For the test it is required: sugar, the kindled margarine, flour, milk, soda and salt. To knead dough, to lay it in a form, on dough to lay out pitted cherries, and on cherry - curds. For preparation of this weight it is necessary to mix cottage cheese with sugar, eggs, milk and starch. To bake pie about 40 minutes.

It is possible to make pies of yeast dough. And for a stuffing to use various berries with sugar and starch.

Interesting pie turns out with pears. It is necessary to make puff pastry, to roll it and to lay out in a form. To cut a pear segments, to fry and lay out on pear dough, walnuts and grated cheese. Then to bake to readiness.

It is possible to make cake with cowberry. It is necessary to mix cookies (to break) and oil, from above to put the cream cheese mixed with icing sugar. To put everything in the refrigerator.

to roast sugar with cinnamon At this time, to cool and lay out on cake. To beat whites and cream and to lay from above on cake. Then to dissolve starch with bilberry juice, and to bring other part of bilberry juice to boiling, to thicken the divorced starch and to add cowberry. To cool and pour out on cake. Again to put in the refrigerator.

Turned sour - sweet cakes turn out with a cranberry. It is possible to use egg sponge or sand. It is possible to do a stuffing only with a cranberry, and it is possible a cranberry with a lemon.

Of course, it is necessary to bake cakes and strawberry pies in the summer.

For example, such pie - mix sour cream, sugar, eggs, flour. Make liquid dough and pour out in a form, and then put the cut strawberry, from above again fill in with the test.

Or make such cake. It is necessary to make egg sponge and to bake it. Then to cool, cover with strawberry, and then to water with the shaken-up sour cream and to decorate with berries.

For breakfast it is possible to make fritters with apples. Make kefir dough or curdled milk. A spoon pour dough on a frying pan and display slices of apples over the test. Fry from two parties. Sugar fritters also cinnamon.

Dream and do not miss chance to prepare something especially tasty in the summer.