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We go to kindergarten. How to avoid tears when parting?

the First days in kindergarten the most difficult and the most difficult for your kid. A stress is not only parting with beloved mother, but also a new situation, and also acquaintance to the tutor. Most often the visit of kindergarten is wrapped in tears when parting with parents and unwillingness of the child to go to group. At times such behavior proceeds about several months.

Certainly, the age is important here. The five-year-old child will go for the first time to a garden more quietly. It is already psychologically ready to changes, and also to communication with the peers. Two - the three-year-old kid just begins to realize that around there is still someone except parents and an inner circle. At such age children adapt in a new situation worse. I offer several councils how to overcome this period most without serious consequences for you and your kid.

Conduct the child in the first days of a set.

Usually children in group is gathered gradually, the sequence is chosen by tutors. Try to get to group among the first because it will be easier for your kid to get acquainted with three - five children, than to accustom among twenty peers.

you Descend with the child in group in advance.

Ask the tutor to show you the game room in advance. Consider toys, show to the kid where he will eat where he will sleep. When he for the first time appears one, it will be easier for it to accustom to a new situation.

do not frighten the child by a garden.

Often I hear

from mothers: “You will not obey me, you will go to a garden, there you the tutor will teach to behave correctly“. Punishing or threatening the child with a garden, you form negative attitude to establishment and to the tutor. From now on about a garden - only good.

do not stand under garden windows.

Parents, especially mothers, not less the children endure parting. You should not sit under a door of group, so you more than wind, and the kid needs quiet and joyful mother. Now in many groups there is a cell phone, leave the number and if something is not so, you will be called. Spend this time with advantage better, find to yourself interesting business or entertainment.

Entrust the father this responsible business.

If your kid painfully leaves mother, ask the father to take away at first it in a garden. Children leave fathers easier because they repeatedly saw off him earlier for work. Be sure and resolute


If all - the kid long cries in a locker room and does not release you, it is not necessary to persuade him or to wait until he calms down. Explain to the child that you love him and you will surely come behind him, but now you need to leave. After that it is firm, without waiting when he calms down, take away him in group. Tears will not cease suddenly, but every day process of parting will take place more quietly. Indulge with

the child.

If an opportunity, then time is or two in a week take away it a bit earlier. Your arrival will be for the kid a holiday. Take an interest as at it business, ask how there passed day. Discuss together the arisen problems. Surround it with attention of the house.

These councils will help you to cope with the child`s tears in the first days of adaptation. The main thing to know that morning when he just kisses you itself also will go to group, will come surely. And how soon it will occur, depends only on you. Good luck!