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Tenerife. Whether it is easy on a volcano of Teide? To Imagine

that somewhere in multikilometer chasms of Atlantic the huge abscess which is splashed out through depths and towered several islands at the bottom became ripe - it is difficult. Here the remarkable imagination is necessary.

Now it would be called huge cataclysm and in the ancient time there were legends about died in this place Atlantis, in a word, an event did not remain unnoticed owing to the improbable scale.

Mountains rose, the lava flew down, all this became the Canary Islands subsequently. To Tenerife the main sight - a volcano of Teide . The highest mountain in all Spain - 3718 meters above sea level.

He does not play pranks already now, this sleeping volcano. But the last eruption was recorded in 1909. Who knows whether he will wake up still sometime? But even sleeping, it makes impressive and terrible impression. Guanch believed that there the evil ghost of Guayot, a volcano - border of this world and hell, supernatural, close to our concept, lives.

There were also other legends: Teyde - the column supporting heaven, from there from this column, was easier to speak with stars, and it was possible and to touch the heavenly arch. And now nearby, but it is strong below - astrophysical laboratory and a telebroadcasting tower. Somewhere in those mountains there is even the most mountain hotel in Spain with the most mountain pool.

From Teyde`s tops not only the island with its coastline, but also other islands of the archipelago is visible. The closer to top, the vegetation is more poor. But all nearby territory of Teyde - national park.

It is entertaining that in all Spain eight national parks, from them four - on the Canary Islands. Vulcan Teyde with the adjacent territory of magnificent coniferous forests - one of them.

On the top - landscapes from those which call “Martian“. The heap of a lava reminds gear scales of a huge dragon. Absolute emptiness, the rarefied air, clouds absolutely far below, a minimum of protections and the inconceivable number of the people wishing to enjoy not the most frequent types of the nature.

The turn on the parking - huge, stretches for several kilometers. However, not all reached to the destination get on the funicular: someone grabs heart, someone asthmatically breathes. But it is a rarity - the vast majority feel perfectly, with squeal cross the remained hundreds of meters on funiculars and fearlessly run over abysses. The most fearless, of course, children. They are able to feel beauty of the nature, and “wild, untidy“ beauty causes even more emotions.

It too in own way huge sea. The sea of ashes and the stiffened lava. Huge amphitheater of an extreme variety of forms and color shades. From volcanic sand of color of ochre to reddish, violet, it is dirty - white and ugolno - black flowers of rocks. Many volcanic materials are used, and not only in hand-made articles - souvenirs, but also in agriculture, and in a gradostroitelsva.

All rocks, grandiose and small, remind fantastic sculptures. And now everyone can cause unexpected associations. What to speak at guancha: for certain, the majority of legends was connected with frightening and fascinating beauty of the volcanic world. But these legends fell into oblivion together with the people. Also is necessary only to stop, gasp, construct, to try to record in memory and on a film.

It would seem - the high mountain, a certain composition of air, but rise on Teyde`s volcano on the island of Tenerife does not represent almost any work. Making the way between rocks on very uneven and quite abrupt footpath, sometimes swallowing air once again, all the same all feel ease. This main thing and the most unexpected feeling at volcano top. Ease of a certain soaring over the world, ease of an own body (even if it is deceptive), ease of movements (even if before for themselves it was not noticed), even, if one may say so, ease of thoughts.

And the most amusing. Having leased the car to reach on the mountain serpentine the funicular, you can incidentally come across a radio wave russko - the Spanish radio. Also you will hear not a flamenco, but the Russian pop-music, joyful, familiar to pain. And it gives a certain charm to travel too.

Easily on Teyde`s volcano. Why so - I do not know, the next secret.