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Why Zmey Gorynych - Gorynych?

Zmey Gorynych are the person involved in many Russian fairy tales. It is simply impossible to imagine the Russian folklore without this character. This is one of main “bad boys“, on an equal basis with the Nightingale - the robber and Koshchey Bessmertny, a generalized character of the enemy against whom it is necessary to win that on the earth, at last, set in the world, rest and happiness. And still, why it - Gorynych?

Concerning the nickname Snake of Unambiguous Opinion does not exist. The most widespread version: Gorynych it was because lived in piedmont caves. But such option is represented not absolutely true, in many fairy tales Zmey Gorynych and is close to caves did not approach because of lack of it, as well as mountains, in this district. For example, in the fairy tale about Ivan, the cow son, the Snakes safely lived in white stone chambers. A set of fairy tales where a residence of the Dragon is called the deafest place in the wood. And nevertheless, it remained Gorynychem, regardless of existence of a cave at the foot of a hill.

One more option - the Dragon is a native of the highest, “celestial“ world. Therefore also Gorynych. But somehow it is too spiteful for transcendental spheres.

There are also other opinions which are presented to the author of article more interesting and plausible.

A snake nicknamed Gorynychem because in all fairy tales it is by all means spat by fire. Here such fire-spitting. By the way, at all not such tall and fantastic story. The nature knows similar phenomena. The bug - the goal-scorer shoots combustible liquid, escaping from enemies. And the composition of this liquid is close to modern rocket fuel, but is created not in laboratory, and directly in a body of a bug.

It is curious that in fossil turtles of some species of dinosaurs cavities, similar by the used bug - the goal-scorer for development of the chemical weapon are found. That is it is possible to assume that these dinosaurs possessed similar properties. Simply speaking, could be fire-spitting.

Now we will add to it the small fact: at folklore practically of all people there are dragons. Of course, it is possible to say that for fairy tales there are no borders, and the story told on one end of the globe gradually removed on another. But it is represented a stretch.

It is much simpler to believe that not all dinosaurs died out by the time of the beginning of a human civilization. Also “fire-spitting“ versions could remain. Or natatorial (as Ketsalkoatl or the bible Leviathan who, by the way, except that was natatorial, also safely vomited a flame: “… its mouth leaves plamennik, jump out fiery sparks; his nostrils there is a smoke, as the boiling pot or a copper. Breath heats it coals, and its mouth leaves a flame“ (Iov, 40). And as the Red List did not exist in those days, and the livestock of dinosaurs was small, they were safely destroyed as destroyed many other animal species.

So it is possible that Zmey Gorynych is an echo of a meeting with a fire-spitting dinosaur. Not the fairy tale character, but quite real animal.

But there are also other versions of a nickname of a three-headed Dragon of the Russian national fairy tales. And they have no slightest relation to a question whether there were dinosaurs on Earth along with the person or not. Moreover, about the real animals and the speech is not present.

In the Polesia villages still tell about how in age-old times when the Russian cities invited Varangian soldiers to princely tables, one of northern knights was in a deaf small village that settled down on a small marsh island between the rivers Pripyat and Horyn. It had a small team, but in poselishche people there was a little so the knight - the robber took an island without special problems.

And further there was unusual: instead of sitting down the prince on the taken island as other same northern soldiers, the knight beat out all locals it is universal. Poselishche enclosed with an oak paling (the oak logs ground as pencils - the mosquito will not slip), and predatory attacks began.

The place for predatory camp was very convenient - the knight sat down just on ways “from the Varangian in Greeks“: across Pripyat and across the Horyn boats of trade people ran in those days, carried exotic and expensive goods. The knight was greedy, did not collect a tax from merchants for free journey, always selected everything. Killed people. For such character nicknamed it the Dragon, and on an arrangement - the Dragon from the Horyn, or simply - Zmey Gorynych.

By the way, among bogs between Pripyat and the Horyn there is a small island which still call Snake Poselishchem. On that island for a long time nobody lodged, except very spiteful vipers. They say that exactly there Zmey Gorynych with the team also settled down until his cunning trapped, and poselishche did not reduce to ashes.

Tell this story and a little differently. They say that the Horyn then was the anonymous river. And here when burned down poselishche Snake (claim that the Greek fire - some monk helped, made mix for a good cause), and the evil flame vzmetyvatsya to the sky, the river received a name - the Horyn. And the knight who till that time was just the Dragon was included into legends already as Zmey Gorynych.

But if with Gorynychem more or less clearly, it is possible to choose any version, both biological, and historical, then with his mnogoglavost it is more difficult. Here the biology rests: if some archeological finds allow to draw a conclusion on existence in prehistoric times of fire-spitting dinosaurs, then here three-headed, and especially to six - nine - or dvenadtsatiglavy, it is not revealed. All dinosaurs modestly ran on four paws (certainly, overland) and had on one head on trunk unit.

To Polesia claim that Zmey Gorynych had two sons who together with the father ordered a team. Also there were they same cruel and greedy, as well as a Dragon. For what they were called Vipers, and even the Zmeysky Heads. Here also it turned out in legends of Snakes not only Gorynych, but also Three-headed.

However, in some fairy tales Zmey Gorynych amazingly multiheads. Some versions possessed the same ability, as the well-known Lerneysky hydra - on the place of the chopped-off head right there grew new. However, if at a hydra the head (more precisely, the heads - instead of one cut down two newcomers) grew quite independently, then Zmey Gorynych needed to strike on the chopped-off head a fiery finger.

The Polesia story-tellers explain it with the fact that the Dragon from the Horyn had not only sons - the main Heads, together with knightly, but also military leaders. So to speak, company commanders. And to cope with them sometimes was where as it is more difficult, than with the Dragon.

By the way if Zmey Gorynych was such as tell in the Polesia villages, then it is clear why he collected a tribute by young girls. If he was a fire-spitting dinosaur, there is a natural question - for what to a dinosaur of the maiden moreover and beautiful? Or, maybe, it is such gastronomic delicacy? The archeology and biology did not find the answer to this question yet.