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Unusual adventures of Janka (2)

Story 2. Janka - - the artist

Janka woke up early, washed, quietly crept by a bedroom of parents and was closed in kitchen. She decided to be engaged in business from now on. Yesterday mother with the father, discussing her behavior, sighed and constantly repeated that she “such“ because at it it do not care because it needs to be engaged in business interesting because to it, Janka, it is time to find in himself some talents already now.

So far parents listed all talents which can be found in children at such age, Janka with fear waited on what they, eventually, now will stop.

After everyone “figure skating“, “swimming“, “tennis“, “English“ or “music“, Janka pulled in the head in shoulders - she did not love any of these occupations even if she did not know well. She will never play sports! Not for all the tea in China! Also it will not be any pampushka as the father is afraid! She does not want to learn English because when someone speaks on - unclear, it is not pleasant to it. It does not like what she does not understand at all. And music? She likes to sing only loudly. When she houses one, it always comes to a balcony and loudly shouts the darling “Leave and close a door! At me now another …“. But the father says that it is not music, but some pop-music ….

Mother agreed with the father so: (and Janka heard) they will a little more wait until Yana itself proves in any business, and then will already solve something concretely. What is concretely, Janka did not understand, but suspected that not really - that it is good.

Janka did not sleep half of the night, and, at last, thought up. Directly from tomorrow it will be engaged in business - she will become the talented artist. Parents will be precisely happy because she heard how mother spoke about some artist: “This I understand talent! Painted one picture and have a rest! Some sunflowers, and millions cost!“ If some uncle drew with

some sunflowers which at the grandfather a full kitchen garden, then it precisely will win against it! And mother with the father will not force it to creak on a violin or the pianena.

Janka removed a sugar bowl from a table, cleaned napkins aside, cleared away to herself the place and solemnly laid a clean sheet of paper which pulled together from the printer on the road.

A half of pencils in a box were broken. Remained only brown, black, pink and yellow moreover to steam of bits ….

Janka long thought. Even did such clever face how some uncles in transfer “That? Where? When?“, as though reflected. Actually, as soon as she remembered about circus, she at once decided to draw a horse.

Janka, however, never saw a live horse, and now could not remember what color there was a horse from cinema about circus. If to draw all black or all brown, will be very sad. Therefore Janka drew beautiful multi-colored, a little similar to a dog of the next entrance, a horse. The horse remained white, the tail at her turned out remarkably pink, and a mane of bright lemon color!

- Mother! And father! I already have a talent - I will be the famous artist! - Janka rushed with ready drawing into a bedroom to parents.

- Yana, what is the matter? Why you do not sleep? - instead of too being delighted to such event, mother began to swear.

- Wait, wait, expensive, let`s praise better the child for the fact that tried so until we slept. - the father tried to improve situation. - And well, the daughter, show the creativity. Oh, what kitty nice!

- This is not a cat, this is a horse from circus! - Janka raspsikhovatsya.

- Horse? Horses are not multi-colored. That is happen, but not pink or yellow …. - absolutely “finishing“ the child, by the voice which again is filling up the father told.

- And cats are, your way? March to sleep, Janka is the hooligan! - turning away to a wall, mother told angrily.

Janka ran out on kitchen, grabbed pencils and, sobbing, threw out from everything to scope together with the torn box in a window leaf.

Parents left a bedroom, and here began …. Again Janka was abused, again mother cried, again the father spoke about talents and about behavior ….

Janka sobbed in a corner and hated all on light! Only did not include the grandfather in this list …. And it is good because at this moment rang out, killing shouts of parents, phone in a corridor.

- Who else in such wound?! - mother by an evil voice told: “ Alyo! “

And then already absolutely kind and even cheerful: “ Truly revived!

My God, the father, and we here again since morning are at war with Janka, absolutely forgot that today a holiday! Congratulations! Of course, we will arrive! Yes, yes, already we get up and we gather! Yes, is not present. Yes, not from - for what, as always. Janka decided to become an artist suddenly here … Yes, I know what is good, only the horse multi-colored drew: the tail is pink, a mane yellow! Do not worry, we will reconcile! “

While went to the grandfather to the farm, Yana still cried and still hated mother with the father. And all of them argued some unclear words about her behavior. The father spoke about some black square, mother was indignant that Yankina a horse - quite another matter …. And so to the most Vileysky reservoir.

Then they, thank God, remembered that they forgot to paint eggs by Easter, and began to speak in a whisper about something special. Even radio was turned on that Janka did not hear.

The grandfather who is smoothly shaved in a white shirt and new jeans, fussed at the Russian oven. In the center of a table there were beautiful, powdered with icing sugar pies and a huge crystal salad bowl with multi-colored eggs.

- Let`s hristosovatsya! - the grandfather had fun. - pass, pass, undress, and at a table fast! Prepared presents for all here … - and began to get the grandfather Tol from buffet of a box, packed as denrozhdenyevsky boxes. Yankino the mood began to improve, but that to raszhalobit the grandfather, she did not begin to smile also a gift so far did not hurry to unpack.

- And you, Janka are an artist, do not undress! For you still the present is available for me …. I heard, you since morning drew a horse …. And where drawing - that? And to me yesterday a neighbour`s horse Snezhana came on a visit. There, behind a bath very young pinches a grass. Went - we will look at it and though we will make a circle one around the farm. In honor of so wonderful holiday!

And the grandfather turned back to parents: “Miracles - that on holidays happen! Adults, and concepts - an abbreviated piece of nothing! Went with us, you will photograph our artist well-known!“

Janka, though did not see a horse alive, and though curiosity sorted it on - terrible, hardly rearranged legs, having looked down in the earth. Unwillingly (on - a kabutka *) trudged for the grandfather through a garden to a bath ….

- My God! Father! You went crazy! - only on this enthusiastically - the indignant exclamation of mother Janka also raised eyes.

And nearly fainted from what was seen - attached to a football goal, on a luzhka behind a table bath beautiful ogroooomny (as it seemed to Janka) a white horse with a fluffy pink (!) tail and braided in a braid it is yellow - lemon (!!!) mane!

- And you spoke, does not happen … - the father laughed loudly.

- Dali in you died, the father! - it is unclear mother told and too for some reason laughed cheerfully and already helped the grandfather to place Janka in a saddle.

- With such grandfather how not to become talent?! - again told on - kind the father. - Well, you drive here, and we will go the table to set with mother, well?

Janka so strong held Snezhana`s mane that at it then handles long were not washed, even till the evening were yellow. But the grandfather calmed, told that from grivovy paint no harm to live organisms happens ….

And in a box the huge set of thick pencils and water color paints, as at the true artist was gift!