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If today war? “For the Homeland! For Abramovich!“ we Will assume

(fie, fie, fie) war nevertheless began. The artful enemy developed military operations on all fronts from Barents to the Black Sea. Our troops immediately began a re-deployment on the East, on a habit enticing the opponent far inland.

If the enemy not the fool, then he is able to win quietly practically without uniform shot, having promised the population of Russia:

- to make bankrupt Ozero cooperative society;

- to develop small business, to remove from it a tax yoke, having shot the fire inspectors who are in passing fed from it, lime nature security guards and other vzyatkolyubyashchy evil spirits;

- to give local authorities to local government and to return to the people elections;

- to make petrol prices, at least as in America;

- to give the notorious yacht of Abramovich to club of young seamen from St. Petersburg;

- to press properly Rublevskoye Highway tanks.

And who will begin to be at war with such opponent? Certainly, only those to whom the present order is favorable. Oligarchs, officials, cops. Plus the inhabitants and lumpens fooled by them, which all the same where to hang out if only poured.

But to be at war is not to whistle from screens of TVs or on the Lake Seliger. You can present, for example, Roman Abramovich, in time and at reasonable prices supplying army with all necessary? Or German Gref conducting fighters of the company in attack near Rzhev? Or Vladimir Zhirinovsky who was taken prisoner it is also proud silent on interrogations?

Yury Luzhkov who is setting fire to the capital that to the enemy did not get? And its half donating blood for construction of planes and tanks?

Boris Gryzlov urging members of the party to go on the front volunteers? The Duma - not the place for discussions. There will be enough button as parrots to press. United Russia party members perish, but do not give up!

Valentina Matviyenko leading defense of St. Petersburg from top so in time constructed Okhta - the center? However, if the opponent also breaks to the city, then by all means will get stuck there in huge snowdrifts which long ago nobody cleans St. Petersburg.

Gennady Zyuganov tortured in enemy torture chambers, but who did not manage to answer distinctly the simple question “Why Communists of 20 Years Supported the Antinational Mode“?

Vladimir Putin who went on the old place of work to Dresden in hope that nobody recognizes him there? Dmitry Medvedev as the real Supreme Commander? Leading fronts and reviewing after war Victory Day parade on a white stallion?

No, it is easier to present Zhirinovsky who is silent on interrogations.

Besides drivers of the trucks carrying ammunition on the front will be forced to unfasten on posts of traffic police quicker to pass. And grenades from boxes with the inscription “Made in China“ will begin to explode through one. As well as all Chinese pyrotechnics. And the medical sisters taken from Moscow region prostitutes will give to wounded fighters very specific help.

And from fronts, having learned about it, “self-arrows“ and the fighters of blocking detachments mobilized there on Seliger will stretch.

Here such we are expected by potential war. With the slogans “For the Homeland, for Abramovich“. Under “Klin“ and advertizing of laying. With songs “My Hare, I Am Your Basin“ and night discos in the back of the enemy. And also current - Andrey Malakhov`s show on the TV: “You would send the child to army“?

And whether to whom on this strange war will sing:

I hundreds of thousands of

batteries For tears of our mothers,

For our Homeland - fire, fire