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Why to the trader labor union?

Labor unions and traders. It would seem, the trading essence is so far from understanding of labor union, habitual in the former Soviet Union. But look at labor union from a position of modern market society - and you will see something other, other than stereotypic concepts.

History of existence of voluntary associations of professional workers contains already more than two hundred years. For the first time people of one profession united for upholding of the interests in England in 1792 then the wave of formation of labor unions in step with industrial revolution swept on all developed world. Blossoming of trade-union activity fell on the 20th century - an era scientifically - technical progress and a celebration of human rights.

Labor unions became the significant tool in interaction of businessmen and hired workers, having made the modern capitalist world it what we know it.

Now general globalization of the market relations gave a new impetus to the trade-union movement, doing associations of professionals international.

What is labor union today? It is a voluntary community of the people united by one field of activity, the people who are constantly facing the same professional problems. Being integrated, members of labor union consolidate the practical experience. The opinion of large-scale trade-union collectives becomes significant politically and economically unlike opinion of small groups. And historical practice confirms: labor unions persistently and successfully assert the rights and freedoms of the members, forcing the world governments to listen and meet legal requirements.

The labor union is a way to mark the rake which is spread out everywhere that did not step on them following. It is a various set of strong shoulders and friendly hands which can be useful in this or that situation. It is chorus of the voices capable to make oneself heard to the powers that be.

The profession of the trader becomes more and more popular, openness of the investment and foreign exchange market promotes it more and more. People want to be trained in profession secrets, to work with the markets of currencies and investments, to earn worthy money and to minimize possible risks. However, as well as in any activity, in financial branch one in the field still not the soldier. Alone the trader faces problems which could avoid, being acquainted with experience of colleagues.

And in connection with desire of professionals in this area to have a reliable support in work as a natural result of development of any profession, various associations of traders appear.

What is labor union for the trader? It is, first of all, information . And information is flesh and blood of trading. Without right and timely information the correct analytics is impossible, and without analysis trading turns into a roulette. The labor union provides to the members objective information without advertizing advances. Professionals share with each other the gained knowledge and practical experience, but not as brokers in eager rivalry extol the services, watering themselves with glaze, and competitors - dirt.

Besides, the labor union of traders is protection . Not only protection of the rights and interests, but also reduction of risks, insurance of investments.

Within labor union it is possible to get competent advice of the lawyer specializing in the legislation regulating a field of activity of traders. Members of labor union can receive compensation of the means lost at cooperation with the unfair broker. The labor union allows the trader to earn more, at the same time without limiting freedom of the members and without demanding any financial investments.

Investment business, currency speculation - one of the most attractive branches of market economy. And therefore more and more people seek to force the capital to work, many find themselves in this area and earn, exercising control of investments. And association of all mass of the traders working at the international financial venues is that lever which is capable to turn the financial car in the necessary direction.