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How to earn a slender waist at cheerful soup? Clinic Meyo in Minnesota the knowing people consider

as the original creative center of world medicine. However, only rich Americans and oligarchs of the world can get to it. However the earth fills with hearing. And which - what recipes of clinic - especially diets for weight loss - widely walk in this world, with advantage and pleasure practicing people of the most modest prosperities.

The leader in these recipes, certainly, is onions soup, or “the burner of fat“. His Minnesota doctors practice in special cases. For example, before operation. When the patient has to clear all organism of exchange products, to lose extra kilos, to become impregnated with energy and to find feeling of ease and fine health.

It is easy to receive all these pleasures and at home, using a soup diet. Of course, the diet is a diet. She demands discipline and strict submission to rules.

Our soup - not an exception. Having begun a diet, is it follows every day, and the more the better. Not to allow any imaginations, additions and derogations from the ingredients put to soup. And - absolutely categorically - to exclude alcoholic and carbonated drinks, bread and fats for the period of a diet. To drink a lot of water! Right there should noticing

that a diet - not a heavy obligation. In it not only that is important, that and in what hours we eat, but also they are as we will do it. And if we turn a diet into cheerful travel to unfamiliar feelings and opening if we cook our soup with a smile if we during a diet walk much on fresh air to listen to good music, for example, of “Mood“ of doctor S. Konovalov … That is, if we adjust the organism on pleasure and a victory, we also will receive - a victory!

If all these rules to observe, in a week it is possible to dump from 5 to 8 kilograms. The body at the same time becomes easier, more vigorous, younger, and the mood - is more cheerful. And if soup is to the taste - that very much and very perhaps, - it will remain your diet for many years. And not just diet. And the true friend who will always help to keep in an excellent physical and sincere shape.

So, we begin. We cook soup : small chopped vegetables, filled in with water. Seasoned with salt and pepper. Boiled 10 minutes on big fire. Fire was thoroughly muffled and cooked longer soup to readiness.

Cabbage - a head of cabbage of average size, onions - 6 heads, tomatoes - 3 pieces, green pepper - 2 pieces, a green celery - a bunch, a cube of vegetable broth. Salt and pepper - to taste. Monday

we Eat with

soup and any fruit, except bananas. Soup we eat so much how many we want and when we want. The more - the better. We can drink both cranberry juice, and unsweetened tea or coffee from drinks, or - water. Waters are drunk much! Tuesday

we Eat with

soup and vegetables, excepting corn, green peas, bean. Only - vegetables, any fruit! We eat vegetables without any restrictions and to satiety. They can be eaten in any kind: fresh, boiled, tinned. Also the most different greens will well go. We eat all this with soup. For lunch we will indulge ourselves with baked potato with oil. We drink a lot of water! Wednesday

we Eat with

soup, fruit and vegetables. We eat how many there is a wish. But already - without potato and oil. Only soup, fruit and vegetables. We drink a lot of water! Thursday

we Eat with

soup, fruit and vegetables, adding skim milk and 3 bananas. We eat - as always - to satiety and with appetite. We drink a lot of water! Friday

we Eat with

soup and beef with tomatoes (if there are no fresh, are allowed tinned, in own juice). We eat to satiety and with pleasure. Beef it is possible to eat though a kilogram floor. We drink a lot of water, to 8 glasses a day! Saturday

we Eat with

soup, beef, vegetables (especially sheet greens). We eat to satiety and with pleasure how many the soul asks. We drink a lot of water! Sunday

we Eat with

soup, vegetables, brown rice and we drink unsweetened fruit juice. We eat to satiety, with pleasure. We combine ingredients as it will want to us: we can add rice or vegetables to soup, and we can mix rice with vegetables. If pulls to a variety, we can add tomatoes, a cauliflower, onions in the menu. It is important to eat to satiety and with pleasure. We drink a lot of water!

At the end of this day - if you followed all rules - you will grow thin, your waist will become thinner, the body is easier and more vigorous, mood - vigorous. Check the result - be weighed.

At last, smile to a mirror, congratulate yourself on a victory, tell yourself thanks - for persistence and accuracy. Live long and joyfully!