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Loneliness: a trap or the invitation to creativity?

We live in the world sick with loneliness. It - is many-sided. And if to aim, then from all its types it is possible to create the multivolume encyclopedia. we will find

the most different loneliness In it...

Loneliness of the childhood. When the child - not necessary to neither the father, nor mother - grows like cardboard at the road, becoming hardened on all this world. Filling up over the years detdoma, colonies, prisons, herds of alcoholics and addicts.

Loneliness of youth. When the young warm heart cannot find either the original teacher, or true love. It expires by vital force. In it emptiness is formed. Terrible, as the tubercular patient`s cavity corroding him from within.

And there is a loneliness together. When He and she, having cast in the lot, suddenly open that it - not It, and it - not It. But there is no place to disappear with it already: children were born, the apartment was privatized, the trap of destiny slammed...

And already almost any of us is trapped by loneliness of an old age . When having given to the country and a family the best years and forces, the person remains in private with the sores, poor pension and sleepless black fears.

However, all loneliness not to count. And what of them is more artful - too will not weigh. Because everyone - pain, trouble, hopelessness and a despair. And someone from chelovek, trying to escape from this trap, rushes about, fights, grabbing any substitutes of life and finally driving itself into a hole of absolutely impassable loneliness. And someone, obediently and fatefully plunging into a sticky hopelessness, finishes with a depression. And there is a lot of already such on Earth that even in rich, like safe England where, apparently, to the person to live not to grieve, the state budget already groans from the growing expenses on treatment for a depression. And it is, as we know, an illness not local. It - as a virus or plague - extends on life space, destroying its healthy power, many times increasing new loneliness.

meanwhile, medicine for this misfortune is...

I even should not go behind it far. It - in us. Also is called the painfully familiar word: creativity! That creativity which essence with an exhaustive accuracy was designated by A. Pushkin: “Creativity by and large is also the act of an enlightenment and feeling of unity with the world“.

My God, the reader, so same Pushkin, the genius, the poet for whom creativity - a habitual condition of spirit will object. And of what creativity the seller of sausage, the accountant, the elevator operator and furthermore the child left to the mercy of fate by alcoholics - parents is capable?!

To think so - a big mistake. The creativity spark - as charisma - smolders in any soul. And if by effort of will to inflate this spark in itself, and - let still - to start up its shy spark on construction of itself: sport, art craft, photo, singing, wise book … Yes even simple cleaning of the apartment is capable to bring to the person both pleasure, and feeling of a victory over own weakness and lack of will. The main thing - is continued to build itself and life, destroying that internal emptiness which feeds loneliness. Such work on a shoulder not only adult, but even to the child. Not for nothing from time to time we will come across a note in mass media about the teenager who undertook care of younger brothers, having replaced with him parents.

Creativity - the greatest reformative force

I already from the first - let small victories - the person respects himself because he “made it“, overcame, towered over himself, won.

The feeling of self-esteem strengthens its creative spirit. The world for it - extends, becoming more kindly and relatives. And it is possible, such minute - minute of a sincere enlightenment and unification with the world - after the great poet joyful heart there is a wish to shout: “Stop, a moment!.“

the Finest of moments available to the person. A moment of an exit from loneliness - in life!