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Rules of the game in tennis of

B 1873 tennis history began. A predecessor of modern tennis is the real - tennis in which in the beginning a ball was returned a hand why gloves appeared, then bits and, at last, in the 16th century entered rackets and a grid. Tennis is the Olympic sport.

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of a rule of the game in tennis

the Rule No. 1


Is the rectangular platform with a plain surface and the put marking. It is divided into two equal half by means of a grid which is tense on all length of court and passes on all length, parallel to back lines.

Soil, firm, grassy, synthetic carpet - such can be coverings of court. The rebound of a ball and movement of players therefore strategy of game can cardinally differ depending on a covering depends on a covering. The most prestigious professional tournament are carried out on courts with various coverings, therefore there is no certain preference.

the Grid for big tennis has the standard size 1, 07 of m x 12, 8 m, and the party of square cells makes 40 mm. Fastenings at a grid either classical screw or metal.

the Racket

It consists of the handle and an oval rim with the tense strings. Initially the rim was made from a tree, now it consists of ceramics, carbon fiber and metals.

the String surface is used for blow to a ball. Strings happen artificial - nylon, polyester, kevlar and natural, made of bull veins. Natural strings are more expensive, are subject to moisture influence, demand delicate leaving and are less durable. But nevertheless they are considered better, than artificial though modern were compared according to characteristics to natural. Strings are pulled on special machines, sometimes manually. Horizontal and vertical strings stretch with a different force. The standard stretch at horizontal makes 24 kg, at vertical 26 kg. The stretch of strings, the less force of blow is stronger, but at the same time it is easier to control a ball. The stretch is weaker, the it is worse to control a ball, but it is easier to disperse a ball. In many respects its qualities depend on structure of a string.


Ball Represents the hollow rubber ball covered with felt, painted in bright color with the put closed line of a characteristic form. Balls with pressure are most widespread, but for the best rebound use balls from more rigid rubber and without internal pressure.

of the Rule of the game in tennis

the Rule No. 2

Exists “single game“ - two players and “pair game“ - two teams consisting of two people compete.

Players are on the different parties of a grid. One of them makes giving, enters a ball into game and the second player - accepting giving is giving.

of the Task of players: 1) to direct a ball towards the rival that that could not beat off, but the ball should not take off for too time for field limits; 2) to manage to strike a ball, so far that did not concern court more than once. It is possible to play since summer and to strike a ball without waiting for its falling on court.

the Account

For a start should win a game - 4 balls: 15 - 3 - 40 - a game, but the difference has to be not less than 2 balls. The player who the first wins 6 games (provided that his rival won no more than 4 games) is considered won “set“. After the account in a set 5:5 it is necessary to win two games in a row. If in a set the score 6:6, for a prize of a match it is necessary to win 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 sets.

is always present At official matches the judge who sits on an eminence for the best review therefore he is called the judge on a tower. The judge on a tower has assistants - judges on a stone pine, they define whether the ball on court landed. Since a season of 2006 systems of electronic refereeing officially began to be applied. It allows to define with high precision an exact point of falling of a ball and by that to reduce quantity of judicial mistakes and disputable situations.

of the Rule of the game in Tennis

the Rule No. 3

Tournaments are divided on man`s and female. In advance defined number of players can participate in each tournament. Different types of competitions are widespread: single man`s and female, the pair man`s and female, and also mixed steam rooms, when teams of players of both floors. Tournaments for a certain age group are sometimes held: children`s, youthful, tournaments of veterans. And also there are tournaments for disabled people.

Winners and participants of tournaments receive points on the basis of which they make world ratings, and also prize-winning money.

the Open championship of Australia, the Open championship of France, the Wimbledon tournament and the Open championship of the USA are considered as the most prestigious and enter Grand Slam tournaments.