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What is Naryn and what it is eaten with?

We will tell not about the city under the name Naryn, and not about the river with the name of the same name, and about the most tasty dish of the Uzbek ethnic cuisine.

Unlike pilaf which generally in Central Asia is a man`s dish Naryn is prepared by women. The dish it, despite the seeming simplicity, nevertheless demands a certain skill.

In Uzbekistan preparation of Naryn is the whole ritual. As a rule, prepare Naryn not as a daily dish, and for various holidays, weddings when gathers to many people and it is necessary to prepare much. Early in the morning in the house where the celebration is planned, women - the relatives, neighbors ready to help gather and preparation begins.

In a huge cauldron meat and kaza (horse sausage) cooks, and women dexterously knead meanwhile dough, roll it in thin layers and cut on strips. Then these strips will be welded in rich broth and cut in small - small noodles. In the same way cut also meat.

For some reason preparation of Naryn causes memoirs from the far childhood in me - neighbors in a front garden early in the morning had preparations for some holiday.

Women in velvet sleeveless jackets and motley dresses knead dough, and someone begins to sing the Uzbek national song... “Yor - Yorim....“ - sings a female voice, and so harmoniously they have a work, all act, without arranging, knead, roll... cook and cut...

Also the smell of roses and a raykhon in open windows reaches...

When I prepare Naryn in the kitchen, somehow necessarily I begin to sing “Yor - Yorim“ - and as though hands know what to do. It is so easily worked. However I was fond of memoirs.

As, actually, prepare Naryn?

For preparation meat - mutton or beef undertakes. The pulp is necessary, but it is necessary to put in a copper also stones for a gain. Only bay leaf and black pepper - peas is added to broth.

cooks broth So far (it is necessary to cook on slow fire, constantly removing foam, broth has to be transparent!) we knead dough, as for pelmeni. Ready dough needs to be covered with a towel and to allow it to lie down from a half-hour.

“Well rested“ dough is rolled in thin layers 2 mm thick and cut on squares, rhombuses or strips. From ready broth take out meat on a dish where it has to cool down for now meat cools down - boil strips of the test in broth, allow them to flow down and oil kindled. As soon as cool down to that stage that it is possible to hold with hands, - begin to cut very thin noodles.

Important! not to digest dough and to knife very sharp!

The received noodles are put in a big bowl where then add in the same way thin noodles the cut meat. Noodles mixing up with meat, it is seasoned ziry, black ground pepper and salt to taste.

Thin rings or half rings we cut onions, we season it with a black pepper, we spread ready Naryn on a dish a hill and we strew from above with onions.

Broth is served separately in drinking bowls. Around a hill of Naryn gives all the best cut by thin circles of a kaza.

If you bought ready kaza - that needs only to be cut when Naryn is already ready and if crude - that it is necessary to cook kaza together with meat. Broth from a kaza very tasty and useful. Especially in cold seasons - the best warming means! The one who says that “for a sugreva there is nothing better than vodka“ is not right.

At first sight, a simple dish, but process of cutting it is quite labor-consuming. And the best Naryn - that which is cut very thinly.