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Than Mamila enticed? Walls of the Old city

Have Novaya Street in Jerusalem the street with the strange name of Mamil. In due time it was the first street behind walls of the Old city. It began at Yaffsky gate where there was a center of trade and cultural life of the city which left medieval walls: theater, photographer`s studio, station of stagecoaches. Stagecoaches connected Jerusalem with far Yaffo. The coast of the Mediterranean Sea reached the whole day in those days. Right there, nearby, and the gallows stood where the Turkish authorities executed somebody from time to time.

In kilometer approximately down from this brisk place there was one of the main sources of water supply of the city, the deep pool built at the beginning of a Christian era by the tsar Herod Veliky. During the winter in the pool rain water behind which then went from the city all hot summer collected. From infection with pathogenic microbes still water was protected by a thin oil film. Before gathering waters in a jug or in a barrel, the film was driven away. The Jerusalem water those years smelled of kerosene. Nearby there was one more similar pool, it is less size.

From this pool (on - Arab “mamit“) and the name of the street, to it the leader and all area went around. By the beginning of the twentieth century this street became quite city, rather well-to-do houses on both sides rose. Over the street, on a hill, in the territory bought once by France for consulate of the country Saint Vincent`s monastery towered. At the monastery there was a hospice.

After 1948 Jerusalem was divided, and Mamil Street remained on the Jordanian side. From the pool it was fenced off now by a boundary wall. Houses were strongly destroyed in 1948. Fights of Six-day war in 1967 even more strengthened destruction and desolation. Long time these ruins and gaped near the most Yaffsky gate.

But there came the moment when this piece of very expensive earth few steps away from the Old city is decided to be built up with elite houses and starry hotels. It would seem, what is simpler, to demolish ruins - and business from the end. However the Supreme Court of Israel issued the decree that Mamila - the historical quarter which is subject to restoration and preservation. At least externally.

As a result of long-term architectural disputes and multimillion lawsuits the decision - to keep only old facades, buildings to construct anew that they met modern requirements was realized. Staraya Street, thus, kept the former look and the small number of storeys, but became as if gallery under the open sky between high cases of new buildings.

Technically everything was made so. Old houses carefully photographed. According to large-scale photos made a marking of all stones of a facade then facades sorted, and stones sent to a warehouse. On the place of old houses built new concrete boxes. In the right places there were window also doorways. For concreters finishers came and restored old facades.

The six hundred-meter pedestrian street was opened at the end of May, 2007. Now here surely bring tourists. To take a walk, fun, look.

To take a look is on what. Fans of shopping are kindly invited by show-windows. Shops on Mamila not superexpensive, but quite lifting for the average toiler. Many Jerusalem women already understood it. To order something in one of cafes too it is not ruinous. And eating of a salatik or drinking of coffee on an open terrace overlooking walls of the Old city - too pleasant attraction. Absolutely in local, east, style. As well as looking at the public proceeding by you.

Mamila became in the new way on which tourists go to shrines of the Old City. Go, look around, photograph. I too already noticed several artists.

To photograph and draw here is that. For example, as a result of reconstruction the facade of the monastery of Saint Vincent suddenly, really, became a facade and now will - bondage attracts a look.

Novaya Street was already tested as the place for full-scale festivities during holidays. It`s a go. Mamila is not close, and in several places there are quite wide platforms for speech of actors. In one place even amfiteatrik is available where in the evenings when the cool goes down on the city, musicians play.

The same to whom will take in head to go across Mamila in the opposite direction from Yaffsky gate, has chance to find and the pool which gave the name to the area. If to go outside, then through the road, behind a fence - the remains of a Muslim cemetery. The cemetery is old. Judging by books buried devout nearly from the seventeenth century here.

The cemetery which is quite thrown, but so far it is not going to be destroyed. Moreover, even cleared of garbage and laid a path. So to find here the old pool enclosed with an easy fence will be not difficult.