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How to live up to Moisey`s age?

In the Guinness Book of Records the maximum life expectancy makes 122 years. The record of longevity belongs to Zhanna Louise Kalma from France which was born on February 21, 1875 in Arles. The second place belongs to the resident of Japan Shigechio Izumi who lived 120 years. In the Guinness Book of Records not all information on long-livers is recorded. For example, the long-liver Muhammad Eyvazov lived in the USSR 151 years, died in August, 1959. In his honor the stamp was let out.

Theoretically the science proved that normal life expectancy of the person makes 120 years. The human body is calculated on 120 - the science, in case of absence in human genome of adverse mutations which increase risk of premature death claims.

If to address legends and the religious writing, then it turns out that longevity - not so an unusual occurrence in the history. For example, Mathusela about whom it is told in the Old Testament lived 969 years, Adam lived 930 years. Though it from area of a fantasy. And if to assume that calculation was made according to the Egyptian calendar when 2 months were considered year, then it will turn out that Adam lived about 155 years that is comparable with the Soviet longevity.

According to the legend, Moisey lived till 127 years, and the father his Abraham - to 175. Jews and now have a custom - to wish to live each other at a meeting up to Moisey`s age.

If to live 900 or 500 years - just a fantasy, then 120 years - are quite real. Especially, the Chinese scientists found out that only for 25% life expectancy depends on a genotype of the person and for 75% - on other things: way of life, habits, psychosocial factors...

of 20 points of the instruction how to live to 120

1. Is natural food - more vegetables and fruit, fish and sour-milk, it is less than meat, eggs, fried.

2. To drink more simple water, without taking into consideration that liquid which contains in soups, porridges, vegetables.

3. To make the slogan of life the phrase: “Salt and sugar - white enemies of the person; coffee, alcohol and cigarettes - terrible enemies of the person“.

4. To move, move and again to move. Physical activity strengthens an organism at young age and supports in senile.

5. To breathe pure as far as it is possible, air. The one who lives near the big highway risks for 18% before others to die, without having lived even till 70 years.

6. To get enough sleep. 8 hours of a dream a day - are enough. Scientists consider that increase in time of a dream reduces till 10 o`clock human life twice, reduction of time of a dream reduces till 6 o`clock life by 1,8 times.

7. To laugh, laugh and smile. Optimists live longer. Probability to die earlier at pessimists 42% higher, than at positively adjusted citizens.

8. To love.

9. To forgive.

10. To help near and far.

11. To be careful. “The person, you want to live long - take your time to live“, - Mihail Lex told. In Russia 130 death from accidents, in England, for comparison - 20 are the share of each one thousand people a year.

12. To study and develop. The phrase “Live and learn“ should be understood not only figuratively, but also in direct. Very often long-livers were intellectuals. Brainwork extends life if it is rationally organized.

13. “Tranquility, only tranquility!“ Quiet temper is characteristic of long-livers. The concern and the increased uneasiness reduce years, there can be mental and physical disorders.

14. To trust. “The belief is the strongest that exists on the earth“. It is necessary to trust in something! At least in, a family, the forces, justice. “On your belief yes will be to you“. Long-livers differ not only the fortress of a body, but also spirit fortress!

15. To work. All long-livers were toilers. If to address their biographies, then it will turn out that they began to work in youth and worked to the death. Labor activity stimulates the person to life. The meaning of life does not die away with age if work brings benefit to the person and society.

16. To set the real purposes and to reach them.

17. To respect people around.

18. To esteem parents, to fulfill the duty to them.

19. To be grateful for EVERYTHING that happens to you. As “everything that becomes, all - to the best!“ - a life axiom.

20. To find to itself the satellite (companion) of life and to bring many children. “For men life expectancy of the father, is important for the woman - mother“. Late children (after 40 years) give special incentive of life to both the man, and the woman...

So, let`s follow the instruction? We will discuss results years through...