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You bought an unripe water-melon? Be not upset. You were largely lucky! We here the other day a water-melon bought

. Next. Well, tell how there can be water-melons already ripe and tasty in Belarus in July?!

And sellers of a legend tell about what summer roast was now everywhere... And we also trust - we have heat under 40 too... But all - it seems, early. It seems, they cannot ripen so quickly. Aha, we know, cannot. But there is a wish... And here we buy, we buy... One was eaten, the second - was thrown out, again eaten, again thrown out...

And as if it... expensively, however, you understand. And suddenly I began to abuse myself. My God and how many it is possible all tasty of tasteless to make! As I could forget about such opportunity!

And business began to boil. All family was connected - everything wanted to be felt culinary specialists.

A water-melon salty - excellent snack to vodka (I do not drink, but I have a husband, and it has friends!) .

Made a brine same as for cucumbers at a pickles, and here - it is ready. For ears not to delay! And all of us from a kartoshechky fir-tree. Children told that is much more tasty than cucumbers and tomatoes.

Especially, to me carried from a garden - a kitchen garden:

- leaf of horse-radish and its back;

- cherry leaves (4 - 5 leaflets);

- currant leaves (4 - 5 leaflets);

- oak leaves (1 - 2 leaf);

- garlic pulled out from a bed, together with “head“ put in a 3-liter jar;

- salt took from banks on a table (2 - 3 tablespoons);

- allspice threw;

- well, and water cold well...

A water-melon which still tasteless, was cut on beautiful red cubes by 5 by 5 centimeters. Banks laid greens, from above a water-melon on a bottom, filled in with water, pressed a small weight (it is possible to insert into a neck banks, for example, a glass with water, and it is possible to salt also in a big pan or even in a flank). Well, also we wait for day 2 - 3, in a day already we place the jar in the cold place.

Ooh and Wow! Crackle, strong, salty! Vkusnotishchshchshcha! The husband, speaks, friends sent him the regards for notable snack to vodka - they here on Saturday in a bath relaxed as it is necessary. Try also you - you will tell thanks!

And crusts it was a pity to throw out too... Well, so we made such candies! Candied fruits . How to prepare them?! Yes, easily! Remember, friends. You will please children with house candies to tea.

To cut off the top green layer, to cut the rest on cubes, to fill in with cold water, to bring to boiling, to boil minutes 15 - 20.

To make syrup sugar in the relation to the weight of crusts 1:1,2. That is it is slightly more sugar. To weld syrup, to lower in it crusts. To cook on slow fire after boiling of minutes 15, then to switch off gas, and let candied fruits of hours 8 - 10 be drawn.

In 8 - 10 hours to include gas again and to boil thoroughly minutes 15. And still also to draw a time that well became impregnated, and again to boil thoroughly (to repeat 2 - 3 times).

Now to lay out on parchment paper, to pour sugar and to allow to dry up. To store in bank under a cover that strongly did not dry up.

Bon appetit! I wish you to buy not really tasty water-melon!

And we will buy oranges today, still we will make of orange-peels sweets. Well, of course, then we will surely tell. Chessslovo!